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  • Semi
  • When working with higher flow rates, up to 6 ml/min, we strongly recommend DEGASi® SEMI-PREP degasser equipped with 925 µl degassing chambers. Thes chambers can be used up to 10 ml/min but with a bit lower degassing efficiency.

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    • Ultra-high degassing efficiency
    • Fits every system
    • Long life expectancy – 5+ years continuous (24/7) running capacity
    • Easy to prime
    • Extremely quiet
    • Closed loop vacuum control means constant vacuum (variable RPM)
    • ZHCR® patented control eliminates baseline fluctuations
    • Excellent chemical compatibility flow path
    • Biocompatible flow path
    • Continuous vacuum system monitoring to ensure optimum operational conditions are maintained
    • Advanced error and leak checking functions
    • 2-pin vacuum level validation output
    • CE & RoHS compliant

    Recommended Flow Rate:
    6-10 ml/min (Per Channel)

    Degassing Channel Tubing:
    Systec AF™ (0.045’’ ID)

    Degassing Channel Pressure Rating:
    70 PSI (testing pressure)

    Wetted Materials:
    Systec AF™, PEEK, Glass-filled PTFE

    Liquid Connection:
    1/4’’-28 UNF threaded flat-bottom port

    Size (L x H x B):
    263 x 131 x 73 mm

  • Part no.# channelsInternal Volume
    0001-6352-L2925 µl
    0001-6353-L3925 µl
    0001-6354-L4925 µl
    0001-6355-L5925 µl
  • Semi-prep


100 to 240 VAC (±10 %), 1 A,
50 to 60 Hz (±3 Hz)

Wall Sockets: 4 supplied with AC Adapter, interchangeable: North America/Japan, U.K., Continental Europe, Australia