HPLC Filters and Frits

Biotech offers an optimal way to filter your solvents, preventing pump cavitation and system damage. We offer different style filters for specific system specifications. Our filters protect your system from particulate matter from the solvent that may otherwise damage expensive hardware.

We have a complete line of HPLC frits for both analytical columns, semi-preparative and preparative columns. Each material offers a variety of sizes of frit disc and the complete assembly, as well as being available in numerous porosities. All our frits are designed with exceptional uniform porosity and a long filtration life. We also manufacture frit disc for specific applications.


    Patented IDEX Health & Science PEEK Frits offer exceptionally uniform porosity.

    • Longer filtration life
    • Consistent frit-to-frit swept volumes
    • Biocompatible and inert to most solvents
    • Suitable for low and high pressure applications.
    • Enhanced sealing and excellent chemical resistance.
    • PEEK frits can be used up to 80 ºC.
    • Available in 0.5 µm or 2 µm porosity
    • Includes a PCTFE or PEEK polymer sealing ring.
    • Can be used in many Precolumn and Inline Filters
    • Choose the larger diameter faces and/or larger porosity frits for faster flow rates.
    • Choose frits with a smaller diameter face and/or smaller porosity for applications sensitive to extra flow path volume.
  • FRIT-in-a-FERULE

    The frit is incorporated into the body of a flat-bottom ferrule.

    • Can filter at any point in your system where 1/16” or 1/8” OD tubing is used in a flat-bottom 1/4-28, M6 or 5/16-24 connection.
    • Designed to seal and filter simultaneously
    • Eliminates traditional inline filters and reduce the number of additional connections in your system.

    PORO-FRIT™ is a woven wire cloth laminate with the diffrent wire cloth layers closely bounded together by a unique sintering process.

    • Predetermined precise characteristics with regard to poresize, number or layers, strength, pore distribution and permeability.
    • PORO-FRIT™ has a defined pore size range of 2 microns and upwards and the geometry of the pores is uniform and there are no ”blind holes”, wich may happen in ordinary sintered frits.