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  • Biotech DEGASi COMPACT

  • The smallest Degasser in the world?

    The new white Biotech DEGASi® Compact is a new line of stand alone degassers which combine the cutting edge Systec technology with a very small footprint at an affordable cost.

    New features:
    - Same size as the old one.
    - Better ventilation.
    - Full metal housing for improved chemical capability.
    - White color.

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    DEGASi® Compact is available with 2, 4 or 6 degassing channels in a housing with only 167 x 59 mm footprint. This is possible due to the development of a new single stage vacuum pump with a small built in control board and new 285 µl Systec AF™ vacuum chambers.

    Closed-loop control with a continuously running vacuum pump gives a very smooth baseline. The speed of the pump is varied to maintain an exact vacuum level inside the vacuum chambers.

    The degasser is equipped with built in error detection functionalities. A bi-color diode on the front panel gives information about the performance. The extremely low internal volume of 285 µl provides very fast priming and start up. Despite the small size of the unit it has an expected life time of more than 6 years.

  • DEGASi Compact label


Degassing Channel Tubing:
Systec AF™ (0.035’’ ID)

Degassing Channel Pressure Rating:
70 PSI (testing pressure)

Degasser nominal performance:
2ml/ min per channel

Wetted Materials:
Systec AF™, PPS, PEEK, Glass-filled PTFE

Liquid Connection:
1/4’’-28 UNF threaded flat-bottom port

Size (L x H x B):
167 x 111 x 59 mm


100 to 240 VAC (±10 %), 1 A,
50 to 60 Hz (±3 Hz)

Wall Sockets: 4 supplied with AC Adapter, interchangeable: North America/Japan, U.K., Continental Europe, Australia

Part No.# channelsInternal Volume
0004-2285-W2285 µl
0004-4285-W4285 µl
0004-6285-W6285 µl
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