Preparative Degassing Chambers

Preparative Degassing Chamber

The standard preparative degassing chamber was designed to be easy to prime, and is configured with a Teflon® AF degassing membrane (tubing) to provide maximum degassing capacity with the absolute minimum internal volume (less than 3% of PTFE designs with comparable degassing capacity) and a chemically inert, metal free flow path. Degassed mobile phase is available in less than a minute!


  • Degassing Channel Tubing: Systec Teflon AFTM, 0.075 in. ID
  • Degassing Channel Pressure Rating: 70 PSIG (testing pressure)
  • Wetted Materials: Systec AF, PPS, Stainless steel and Glass-filled PTFE
  • Housing Materials: Polypropylene and Stainless Steel

DEGASSING CHAMBER with vacuum pump, vacuum controller, fludic pump and dissolved gas.

  • Custom configurations are available. Consult us for your own OEM solution to your specific application.
  • The standard prep scale chambers are not recommended for GPC applications or for use with HFIP (hexafluoroisopropanol).
  • The flow rates given are for a gradient mixture of 60/40 MeOH/H2O, with a typical low pressure gradient mixing valve. Higher flow rates are possible with high pressure mixing.
  • Estimated tubing pressure per unit change in flow assuming laminar flow with a viscosity of 1,0 cP