Biotech Liquid flow meter

Biotech Liquid Flow Meter
Measuring without interference in your fluidic systems
Biotech is proud to introduce a new Flow Meter which enables continuous measurement of flow rate, without interference in fluidic systems. Compatible with all HPLC and GPC solvents, the Flow Meter is conveniently sized and powers itself from a USB connection. A modern PC based App allows continuous recording and storage of the measured flow rates.

  • Improved results. Supplied digitally calibrated the AB-40010 delivers high precision and accuracy across a wide measurement range.
  • Ease of use. The AB-40010 fits in the palm of your hand and weighs less than your smartphone.
  • Reliable Trouble-free Operation. The ultrareliable AB-40010 is compatible with almost any fluidic system.

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Technical Note
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The AB-40010 is specifically designed for continuous measurement of flow rate without interference in chromatography systems. Compatible with all HPLC and GPC solvents, it is conveniently sized and powers itself from a USB connection. The current flow rate is also displayed on the Flow Meter’s integral high resolution OLED Display, allowing easy control of current flow value. Extraordinary high resolution and wide dynamic range makes the Biotech Liquid Flow Meter the perfect flow monitoring tool for the most demanding HPLC and GPC systems.

Flow Meter v/s Lemon
Technical Data 
Measuring Range0.001 mL/min to 5.000 mL/min
Maximum resolution>0.0005 mL/min
Accuracy>0.2 % FSD
Precision>0.2 % FSD
Integration Time Factor78, 312 (Default), 1172, 5781, 9844 (Milliseconds)
Maximum Pressure3MPa (435 psi)
pH operating range1 to 11
Measuring Cell Volume94µL
Cell Diameter1.8mm
Cell Length37mm
Pressure Drop0.12millibar at 5ml/min of water
Sensor ModuleRobust, thermal- and chemical-resistant
borosilicate glass capillary (Quartz) and PEEK
DisplayHigh-resolution OLED Display with online
flow rate, status & settings information
ControlEasy to use with USB-powered plug
and play functionality
Calibration• Water Validated
• MeOH, THF, EtOH/Water, ACN/Water Pre-set
• Customer chosen alternative
Dimensions40 x 20 x 70 mm (W x H x D)
Weight0.2 kg