Degassing & Debubbling

No Troubles with Bubbles®

Why Degassing?

The degassing process with a Biotech degassing chamberGases dissolved in liquids often cause troubles in fluidic systems. The gas molecules can form bubbles when pressure or temperature changes, and this will affect the accuracy, precision and performance of the equipment.

Online degassing efficiently removes dissolved gases from the fluid stream and thereby prevents bubble formation, reduces noise, improves baseline stability, reduces startup times and ensures more consistent results. This is very important in laboratory analysis equipment such as liquid chromatography, HPLC, UHPLC, ion chromatography and mass spectrometry. Machines for semi-conductor manufacturing or assembly, and instruments for immunology, hematology and in vitro diagnostics will also typically deliver more consistent results with a degasser included in the fluid path.

On-line Degassing

Online degassing is accomplished by pumping liquid through a gas-permeable tubular membrane positioned in a degassing chamber exposed to vacuum. Optimum vacuum degassing performance is achieved with a membrane having high gas-permeability. This ensures efficient and continuous gas removal, even if the liquids are transported through the degassing chamber at high flow rates. For highest user-comfort and long lifetime of the degasser, it is also important



    A debubbler is a wonderful tool for easy removal of visible bubbles from water-based liquid flow streams. Our patented design includes a vertical bubble trap, a gas-permeable membrane, and a vacuum source. This results in elimination of bubbles and thus improved volume delivery precision. Learn more in the video below.


    Efficient degassing requires high-quality components. Our degassers are assembled from Systec components based on patented, cutting-edge vacuum pump technology, and highly efficient Systec AF™ gas-permeable membranes. Watch the video below to learn how online vacuum degassing can help you to secure your analysis.

Degassing Applications

Example of degassing application