Preparative Liquid Chromatography

CleanPrep HPLC column for preparative chromatography parts are made of stainless steel and inert plastics to eliminate media corruption. They are designed for longer lifetimes, improved efficiency, and maximum loading.

CleanPrep ED HPLC column systems are available in 21.2mm, 30mm and 50mm internal diameters in a variety of lengths. The 21.2mm inner diameter column systems are rated to 12,000 psi and are available in either open dispersion or external dispersion fluid delivery to the media. Each CleanPrep HPLC column assembly consists of the appropriate size column tube, two frit cap assemblies with stainless steel frits, and two end fittings.

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Column Internal
Diameter (ID)
  Pressure Rating  Port Configuration 
 mm inches psi bars 1/16" Parker Port 1/8" Parker Port
 21.2 0.835 12,000 827 Standard
 30.0 1.181 10,000 689 Standard
 50.0 1.969 5,000 345 Optional Standard