OEM Mini HPLC Degasser Module

  • Open-Frame-Degasser

  • Open-Frame-Degasser-Front


OEM-DegassersThe OEM MINI degasser module is a state-of-the-art design that is compact and ready for integration into virtually any existing existing LC pump, degassing tray or stand-alone degassing application equipped with a 15-24 V DC (1 Amp) power source. This module is also available with a CE-approved wall transformer with adapters for international power.

The standard OEM Degasser Module can be configured with up to five new MINI Degasser Chambers.

  • Systec® AF

    The Systec AF Mini degasser chamber has a low internal degassing membrane volume, which results in easier priming, lower flow restriction, reduced solvent changeover quantity requirements, and faster equilibration times (less than 5 minutes vs. 30 minutes). This is made possible since the Systec AF membrane has 50 times the degassing efficiency over PTFE designs.
  • ZHCR® vacuum control

    The Zero Hysterises Constant Run (ZHCR®) vacuum control makes sure the vacuum is maintained at a constant mm/Hg level (other vacuum levels available on request) which eliminates detector baseline noise due to varying vacuum levels in the chamber that occurs the with original 1100 On/Off vacuum pump control. The vacuum control has a sophisticated built in error functionality which notifies you if anything is not operating at its full potential.

    ZHCR® vacuum pump life expectancy is more than 220 million cycles (around 5 years).

  • Wetted Components

    • PPS or PEEK

    • Glass Filled PTFE (25% Glass)

    • Systec AF®

    • The GPC configuration has 316 SS. and the PPS is 40% glass filled.