Analytical Capillary Degassing Chambers

A9R3D122The Mini degassing chamber Is used in our degassing equipment made for the largest analytical instrument manufacturers in the world. Since quality can’t be compromised the same components are also used in our DEGASi® series of stand-alone degassers.

The degassing chamber was designed to be easy to prime, and is configured with a Systec® AF degassing membrane (tubing) to provide maximum degassing capacity with the absolute minimum internal volume (less than 3% of PTFE designs with comparable degassing capacity) and a chemically inert, metal free flow path. Degassed mobile phase is available in three minutes or less!

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To see how on-line degassing and debubbling works, please see our Degassing/Debubbling-page.

  • General Specifications

    • Degassing Channel Tubing: Teflon® AF Degassing
    • Channel Pressure Rating: 70 PSI. (Chambers with higher pressure ratings are avalible, please contact us for more info)
    • Wetted Materials: Teflon® AF, PEEK and Tefzel Vacuum Housing Materials: PPS. (Wetted materials may vary depending on the specific model)
  • GPC Applications

    Our standard degassing chambers are 100% Biocompatible, For customers working with applications, with 100% organic solvents. we recommend our Stented degassing chambers. These chambers have a short piece of a stainless steel tube inside the the ends of the degassing membrane in order to get the ferrule inside the bulkhead to give an even more secure grip. As standard option we have P/N 9000-1184, 480 µl stented Systec AF analytical degassing chamber. Other sizes available upon request. Please note that we also supply preparative stented degassing chambers