Sunniest HPLC Columns

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A Novel Bonding Technique (patent pending)

A “State of Art” trifunctional silyl-reagent. This Unique silyl-bonded reagent (HMODTS) can bond with any silanol groups on Silica Sorbent surface. It can expand and contract by itself in Caterpillar manner. This technique can substantially minimize the contribution of residual silanol groups on Reverses phase stationary phase. Finally an end-capping was done with trimethylsilyl-reagent (TMS).

★ Few residual silanol groups by an unique bonding technique
★Excellent stability, especially under acidic pH conditions
★ Sharp peak shape for acidic, basic and chelating compounds
★RP-AQUA with C28 bonding offers Performance in 100% aqueous conditions, and shows enhanced retention of polar compounds.