Degassing Spare Parts

Systec ZHCR Vacuum Pump for Preparative Degassing, bottom mount SKU: 9000-1896SYSTEC DST Pump with PCB, Vacuum Degassing Control System, Analytical Degassing, Bottom Mount SKU: 9000-1920Control Board  without LED’s for all types of Analytical Standalone Degassers and OEM units. SKU: 9000-1053Control Board with LED’s for DEGASi Classic, DEGASi GPC, DEGASi Mico, DEGASi Semi-Prep, SKU: 9000-1056

Spare parts supply in a very short time

We keep an extensive stock in order to support our customers. Supplying spare parts and replacements to a wide range of instruments and brands in the shortest time possible.
We always keep a wide variety of vacuum pumps, degassing chambers, control boards and other accessories on stock in order to simplify replacement and maintenance for our customers.
As an alternative to a repair we can also offer a suitable Degasser from our comprehensive DEGASi® line of Stand Alone Degassers.

Analytical Mini Degassing Chamber Systec AF, no hood
Preparative Degassing Chamber - stented/GPC compatible. SKU: 9000-1523
Analytical Mini Degassing Chamber Systec AF SKU: 9000-1000