the right choice

DEGASi® PLUS GPC is the right choice of degasser if you are working with 100 % organic solvents in your fluidic line. Example of application areas where this degasser is successfully used are GPC (Gel Permeation Chromatography) and Normal Phase Chromatography.

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“when you are using 100 % organic solvents in your fluidic line…”
The difference between the new and old DEGASi® GPC
  • Much smaller footprint, height
    and weight
  • New vacuum pump using a smart
  • Allmost silent
  •  Available with 1-6 channels
  • Parallel connected vacuum
  • Easier accessibility and visibility
  • Easier troubleshooting and replacement of parts
  • Short leadtime

DEGASi® PLUS GPC uses the same Systec AF™ degassing membrane as used in DEGASi® PLUS CLASSIC and SEMI-PREP. The main difference is that we use a stented version of the vacuum chamber in the DEGASi® PLUS GPC. The stent is a short piece of a stainless-steel tube placed inside the ends of the degassing membrane, in order to make the internal ferrule in the bulkhead to get a better grip. This solution makes an even more secure internal connection when working with 100 % organic solvents in the fluidic line.


• Ultra-high degassing efficiency
• Fits every system
• Long life expectancy 5+ years continuous (24/7) running capacity
• Easy to prime
• Almost silent
• Closed loop vacuum control means constant vacuum (variable RPM)
• ZHCR® patented control eliminates baseline fluctuations
• Excellent chemical compatibility flow path
• Continuous vacuum system monitoring to ensure optimum operational conditions are maintained
• Advanced error and leak checking functions
• CE & RoHS compliant