HPLC Columns


A9R46F7-179x189Advanced Materials Technology is an innovative Product Development and Manufacturing company focused on improving materials for scientists involved with separation applications to enable more efficient and effective output.

The team at Advanced Materials Technology is comprised of individuals who have been responsible in the past for the invention, manufacture and product launch of the Zorbax® brand columns and packing material from the DuPont Company. Later, these same people founded Rockland Technologies primarily known for manufacturing Zorbax products. Now, Kolonn-1some of these same individuals have taken their 30-plus years of experience in the high-performance liquid chromatography arena and created a new company dedicated to the continuation of excellence in liquid chromatography products.

With their proven track record for success in developing, manufacturing, and marketing superior chromatographic products, the team at Advanced Materials Technology is committed to solving problems associated with difficult applications and guiding their new company into becoming a leading supplier of innovative separation products.