• Excellent for Higher flow rates

    When working with higher flow rates, up to 6 ml/min, we strongly recommend DEGASi® SEMI-PREP equipped with 925 µl degassing chambers. These chambers can be used up to 10 ml/min but with a bit lower degassing efficiency.

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“manages higher flow rates up to 6–10 ml/min…”

The difference between the new and old DEGASi® SEMI-PREP
  • • Much smaller footprint, height and weight • New vacuum pump using a smart board • Allmost silent • Available with 1-6 channels • Parallel connected vacuum chambers • Easier accessibility and visibility • Easier troubleshooting and replacement of parts • Short leadtime

The old DEGASi® SEMI-PREP is still availible
  • Product Features
    • Ultra-high degassing efficiency
    • Fits every system
    • Long life expectancy: 5+ years continuous (24/7) running capacity
    • Easy to prime
    • Almost silent
    • Closed loop vacuum control means constant vacuum (variable RPM)
    • ZHCR® patented control eliminates baseline fluctuations
  • -

    • Excellent chemical compatibility flow path
    • Biocompatible flow path
    • Continuous vacuum system monitoring to ensure optimal operational conditions are maintained
    • Advanced error and leak checking functions
    • CE & RoHS compliant
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