Enhancing SPR instrument performance

Biotech Fluidics AB reports that it is supplying key microfluidic and degassing components to BioNavis Oy (Tampere, Finland) for its range of Multi-Parametric Surface Plasmon Resonance (MP-SPR) instruments.

Surface Plasmon Resonance is the ‘go to’ technique for the measurement of molecular interactions in fluidics including serum, saliva, and organic solvents. SPR technology beneficially allows evaluation of affinity and kinetics of molecular binding reactions without the burdens of labelling as the technique is label-free.
The BioNavis Navi™ range of advanced MP-SPR instruments provide superior features and performance enabling both studies of surface interactions as well as nanolayer characterization. Navi MP-SPR instruments are helping scientists with antibody characterization through drug uptake routes, controlled drug release strategies, small molecule measurements, nanoparticle targeting up to drug internalization by living cells.

Jussi Tuppurainen, Technical Director of BioNavis commented “The key part of our MP-SPR fluidics systems are IDEX port selection valves supplied by Biotech Fluidics. These high-quality valves contribute to precise handling of samples, allowing researchers to control the timing, volume, and flow rate of injected liquids. This precision is vital for achieving reproducible results and minimizing variations in sample concentration. Additionally, the Degasser system supplied by Biotech Fluidics helps maintain sample integrity by preventing the introduction of air bubbles, which can disrupt measurements. Careful fluidic design and efficient degassing techniques eliminate bubbles and preserve the stability of the sample, ensuring reliable data”.

In conclusion – Jussi Tuppurainen said “BioNavis has been a satisfied customer of Biotech Fluidics for many years. We highly recommend them not only for their top-quality products, but also because of the consistently professional and friendly customer service they provide.”

For more information on fluidic components for SPR instruments please visit https://www.biotechfluidics.com/products/idex-catalogue/.
For further information on a degasser for your SPR system please visit www.biotechfluidics.com/products/degassing-debubbling/ or contact Biotech Fluidics on + 46 300 56 91 80 / + 612-703-5718 / info@biotechfluidics.com.

For further information on the Navi™ range of advanced MP-SPR instruments please visit https://www.bionavis.com/en/.



The toughest degasser

Biotech Fluidics has recently launched a new model of online degassers, designed for full compatibility with the toughest solvents. We named it DEGASi® HFIP since it can withstand the highly aggressive solvent hexafluoro isopropanol (HFIP) that is used in liquid chromatography separations of certain polymers and peptides that are difficult to dissolve otherwise. The DEGASi® HFIP online degasser is compatible with a range of volatile and aggressive solvents, including hexafluoro isopropanol and silanes, but can certainly also manage all other solvents used for gel permeation chromatography (GPC) and size exclusion chromatography (SEC).

Available with two different degassing chambers for analytical and semi-preparative applications, the DEGASi® HFIP can handle flow rates up to 3 and 6 mL/min, respectively. This online degasser also comes with the new integration feature, meaning that it provides an output signal corresponding to the internal vacuum level (5 mV/mmHg), thus enabling continuous direct monitoring by instrument assemblies and software.

For more information about the new DEGASi® HFIP model of online degassers, or to discuss the selection of degasser for your application, please contact Biotech Fluidics.

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Degassers for your ÄKTA system

DEGASi(R) Prep Äkta

Equipment for preparative purification of tagged and untagged proteins, including the ÄKTA series of liquid chromatography systems from Cytiva Life Sciences, are frequently used in settings ranging from scientific research laboratories to production plants. With these systems, it is possible to perform a variety of chromatographic separation modes including affinity, size exclusion, gel filtration, hydrophobic interaction, reversed phase, and ion exchange. However, in all modes and setups, the formation of bubbles may hamper the reproducibility of purification results and thus limit the overall productivity.

Bubbles form because of high levels of dissolved gases in the employed buffers and solvents. The multiple pressure drops occurring within the liquid flow path through a chromatography system (injector valves, separation column, detector cell, etc.), may initiate bubble formation, especially if any segment also has a higher temperature compared to the eluent bottle. Traditional ways of removing dissolved gases have been to treat the buffers, eluents and mobile phases in ultrasonic baths, but this is both labour intensive and rather inefficient, and risk changing the solution temperature, or may even accelerate degradation of sensitive components. The most efficient and user-friendly way to remove bubbles and dissolved gases in liquid chromatography is by using online vacuum degassers.

The DEGASi® range of online vacuum degassers from Biotech Fluidics can be fitted to any brand of liquid chromatography instruments to solve all your troubles with bubbles. The DEGASi® PREP stand-alone degasser is designed for flow rates up to about 20 ml/min per channel and thus suitable for most of the laboratory protein purification chromatography systems including ÄKTA start, ÄKTA go, ÄKTA pure 25 and ÄKTA avant 25, plus discontinued legacy systems such as ÄKTAprime plus, ÄKTAxpress ÄKTA Purifyer and ÄKTA FPLC (some these models were built by GE Healthcare or Amersham Pharmacia Biotech). Several alternative DEGASi® degasser designs are available for chromatography systems with higher or lower flow rate specifications.

Please contact Biotech Fluidics for any questions or concerns regarding what degasser best would suit your needs in terms of flow rates and solvent compatibility.
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Tubing kits for dissolution testing

Did you know that Biotech Fluidics custom manufacture tubing kits for dissolution testing equipment and for other purposes?

In pharmaceutical dissolution testing, the solution into which the medication is gradually dissolved, is sampled repeatedly over a certain time period at standardised conditions, to determine the rate of release of an active ingredient. Instruments for these tests are typically designed to perform several parallel experiments in separate vessels. Although sampling could be performed manually, automatic sampling and analysis allow for considerably increased throughput. Automatic sampling typically requires multiple transfer lines to be connected to each vessel for sample withdrawal. This may quickly build up to handling many different sorts of tubing and fitting components to stock for a certain system. Purchasing pre-made tubing kits from Biotech Fluidics can help you simply the setup and execution of these test.

Our long experience in inert and chemically resistant tubing and first-class fittings for a wide variety of requirements, combined with a high-quality assembly line with skilled staff, makes Biotech Fluidics your perfect partner for any tubing kit manufacturing. Tubing kits can be adapted to fit any brand dissolution instrument on the market, including for example Agilent, Bioevopeak, Distek, Electrolab, Erweka, Hanson, Logan, Pharmtest, Sotax, Teledyne, Toron, and certainly also to other types of instruments. Contact Biotech Fluidics to discuss your specific requirements.

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Integrate your degasser

DEGASi Integration

Biotech Fluidics has recently launched a new series of DEGASi® online degassers, designed for integration into analytical or production instrument assemblies. The new degassers are featured with an electronic validation output signal that corresponds to the level of vacuum within the degasser (5 mV/mmHg). This quality allows your instrument software to continuously monitor the degasser performance and present that to the user. If the vacuum level would not meet the set requirements, this feature enables providing the user with adequate warnings or even prevent certain instrument events. This ability to integrate monitoring of your degasser performance is in line with recent regulatory demands regarding instrument performance qualification and is for example aligning with the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) general chapter 1058.

For more information about this new series of DEGASi® Integration degassers with validation output, or to discuss the selection of degasser for your application, please contact Biotech Fluidics.

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Biotech Solvent Line Monitor

The new Solvent Line Monitor from Biotech Fluidics is a small stand-alone device that efficiently detects bubbles in solvent flow lines and then send electronic trigger signals or activate acoustic alarms.

This clever monitor can safeguard your laboratory against running out of solvent in critical applications, thus avoiding faulty analysis results, system downtime, or even extensive equipment maintenance. The device is perfect for liquid chromatography and HPLC systems and can be set up to automatically trigger a pump shutdown or a switching valve when a solvent flow line becomes empty or contains too many micro bubbles.

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Welcome to Pittcon 2023

Please stop by to visit us at Booth 2722 to see samples of:

  •  The new REFRACTi™ MASTER RI detector, perfect for determination of compounds with low UV absorbance.
  • Biotech Liquid Flow Meter, a new Flow Meter which enables continuous measurement of flow rate, without interference in fluidic systems.
  • The Biotech DEGASi® Plus series, our online degassers that ensures efficient degasification of flowing liquids designed for different solvents and a wide range of flow rates.
Welcome to Booth 2722!

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Biotech REFRACTimaster

The new REFRACTi™ MASTER RI detector from Biotech Fluidics excels in every aspect, and it is perfect for determination of compounds with low UV absorbance including simple sugars, complex carbohydrates, alcohols, fatty acids, and polymers.

With a 4.3” touch panel, intuitive user interface and features as extended temperature range up to 80 °C, this is a refractive index detector truly built for modern HPLC analysis. The detector do also have an automatic detection of sample path blockage, as well as a built-in overpressure safety assembly to prevent any cell breakage in case of blockage.

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New periodic table of fittings

New periodic table of fittings

The poster ‘Periodic Table of the Analytical Fittings’ is available in a new updated version.

This very useful visual overview poster presents a wide range of fittings for analytical liquid handling systems in a structured and comprehensive layout (inspired by the periodic table of elements). Here you can get quick information about suitable fittings for a certain port design, for a certain tubing size, and for a certain pressure rating. Each of the 117 fittings are presented with clear information about suitable ferrule combinations and material details, with an indication if any tools are required to tighten the fitting, as shown by the examples in the excerpt picture. Order your printed copy from Biotech Fluidics or download the pdf version by following the link below:

Biotech Celebrates 15 Years

How did it start?

2007 the ledgendary entreprenuer Ralf Jutvik and Analytical Chemist Anders Grahn met and decided to start a new company ꟷ Biotech. 15 years later the company has transformed from a small start-up to become an important global supplier of great fluidic solutions to leading instrument manufacturers and distributors, with offices in the US and Japan and sales to 40 countries.

What do we do?

For more than 15 years we have developed and delivered innovative laboratory products to instrument manufacturers and distributors across the world. We specialize in chromatography and finding solutions to issues with gases and bubbles in fluidic systems. By using our advanced degassers, the laboratory is able to optimize the performance of its analytical instruments and chromatographic equipment. Our degassing solutions save the industry both time and money by avoiding production disruptions caused by bubbles in the fluidic lines.

What will we do?

Our mission is to empower you to design and assemble unique products by being a reliable partner for fluidic components, offering first-class service, in-depth knowledge and advanced technical support for all the items we provide. We work closely with our customers and participate in a variety of research projects with well-known European and American companies and institutions. In this way, we can take advantage of the synergy effects that occur between research and applied technology.

Celebrate with us!


Biotech 15 years

For one purchase during the period 7th to 25th November we send a bag with Sweden’s most purchased car 😉 AND a wireless cellphone charger. Add “free charger” to your order.


Biotech Flow Meter

Take advantage of our offer!

For one purchase during the period 7th to 25th November, we offer a 15% discount on our Biotech Liquid Flow Meter AND a bag with Sweden’s most purchased car 😉 AND a wireless cellphone charger. Add “free charger” to your order.


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