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Runge Mikron Miniature Detectors

Runge Mikron


Runge samling

Small and modular. Robust and intelligent. The new range of Runge Mikron detectors recently introduced by Biotech AB, unites many attractive features in a tiny package. Different modules can be combined to measure absorption, fluorescence or conductivity in a variety of fluidic systems, including liquid chromatography.

Thanks to several available LED-based fixed- wavelength light sources with a life-time of more than 5000 hours, power consumption below 2.5 watts, and start-up within seconds, the Runge Mikron detectors are ideal for incorporation into portable field instruments and online monitoring devices. This also allows the detectors to be operated in refrigerated laboratory environments down to 4 °C (39 °F), without virtually any heat production. Flexibility in sampling frequencies, detector cell sizes, port connections and choice of wetted materials, make the Runge Mikron detectors suitable for many flow rate conditions and eluent compositions.

The Runge Mikron detectors are easy to connect as they communicate through, and draw power from, one single USB-C port. Drivers are provided for several chromatography software, alternatively, an open protocol can be used for customised implementation. The detectors conform to international standards and are CE marked.

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Report from EAS, NJ

EAS 11

According to our partner Mr. Scott Silver Innovations United, the exhibition has been very successful. A lot of interest has been shown for our products, especially DEGASi PLUS degassers and Runge Detectors and Mr. Scott would like to thank all our partners and clients who all contributed to making this exhibition a success.

Request for an IDEX Catalog

IDEX F120 Fittings

Endless Possibilities for Customization

Being a Global Premium Distributor to IDEX Health & Science, we can provide you with our 160 pages catalog – a unique reference book with access to thousands of items. We have a cutting edge knowledge to tailor your need whether it is applications for low or high pressure, water based fluids or hazardous organic solvents – virtually any fitting – any ferrule.

Here’s how to get a copy:
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Great Fluidic Solutions

Let us be your first choice whenever your need is highest quality fittings, tubing, connectors, filters, valves, detectors, pressure sensors, degassers – whether it is for UHPLC /HPLC/GPC/Prep, Flash, Biosensor/SPR or other fluidic instrumentation.
Make your choice – 10 pcs or 10.000 pcs and discover our capacity, stocking facilities and customization. We have stocking centers in EU, USA and Japan and delivers fast and safe.

Eastern Analytical Symposium 2018

EAS logo

Biotech, Innovations United and ChromaNik are excited to welcome you to our joint booth at EAS. There you will find our top of the line products in the field of Chromatography.

We will present our latest products, such a:

Runge Mikron Detectors

Runge samling

Unique series of portable pocket-sized detectors for liquid chromatography and other fluidic systems.

•    Extremely portable
•    Photometer, fluorimeter or conductivity meter
•    Modular design of light sources, filters and measurements cells
•    Long life LED light sources
•    Ideal for field studies and on-line monitoring


New standalone degasser for a wide variety of applications. Can be equipped with 1-6 channels depending on the performance you need.
Uppställning Degasi PLUS
•    Aqueous and organic solvents
•    Small footprint and very silent
•    Easy adaption and maintenance
•    Technical support and short lead time



SunShell Micro/Nano core-shell columns

The two columns presented by ChromaNik the new SunShell Micro/Nano core-shell columns with an ID of 0.075 mm – 0.3 mm for Bioseparations as for example separation of Monoclonal Antibody (IgG).
Micro Nano Columns

MD & M Oct 31 – Nov 1 2018

MDM Minnesota

MD&M Minneapolis is the Midwest’s biggest medical device technology event and the only annual opportunity to access the region’s largest collection of suppliers on one floor — more than 500 companies total.

Biotech is excited to bring its array of products and technical solutions to the Medical Design & Manufacturing show in Minneapolis​.  Exhibiting in Biotech USA’s hometown, we are excited for our debut at the Midwest’s largest Medical Device Technology event offering the only annual opportunity to access the region’s largest collection of suppliers under one roof.

Please stop by to visit us at Booth 1648 to see samples of our:

  •  Vacuum Degassing Technologies, including OEM or DEGASi Stand Alone Degassers
  • Pressure Sensors
  • New Unique Series of Pocket-Sized UV-LED, Conductivity & Fluorimetric Detectors
  • Top Quality Fluoropolymer & PEEK Tubing
  • RI Detectors
  • Mobile Phase Tubing Kits
  • ChromaNik Columns
Welcome to Booth 1648!

Uppställning Degasi PLUS

Runge samling

Biotech AB participates in the InkJet Conference in Dusseldorf, 16 – 17 October 2018

Troubles with bubbles cause problems within many areas and liquid flows are especially woundable. The increasing market for high profiled InkJet printed materials has raised the performance demands of the printing process. Printing high value products is sensitive to outcasts such as those caused by microbubbles and dissolved gases in the equipment. Biotech is a leading actor within in-line degassing and offers reliable solutions for removal of bubbles and dissolved gases. Efficient degassing enables consistent high quality flow of any liquid ink. The Biotech product line Degasi enables consistent high quality flow of any liquid ink regardless Inkjet Conference 2018of solvent used in flows from 0,1-500 mL/minute and in continuous use.
Biotech is established within Ink printing business and will exhibit the Degasi product series and related OEM solutions at The Inkjet Conference in Dusseldorf 16-17 October. The company will be represented by R&D Manager Fritiof Pontén.

Jasis 2018, Japan Sept 5-7

JASIS 2018

You are welcome to visit our booth 4B-401 where BioNik and ChromaNik will present their new products.
– BioNik, high quality U/HPLC Columns, DEGASi PREP+ preparative degasser and the DEGASi PLUS degasser line.
– ChromaNik, the new MICRO/NANO-Columns and the new SunShell C4-100 columns for separation of proteins and peptides with LC/MS.

Dr. Norikazu Nagae from ChromaNik will also hold three technical lectures:
JASIS 2018

Product News – IDEX Pressure sensors

We are happy to announce that we now have our IDEX Pressure Sensor in stock.
Meticulously engineered and broadly tested for precision sensing, our premium QuickStart Pressure Sensors continually monitor system parameters to provide you the information you need to keep your instrument operating reliably.

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Updated Privacy Policy

Your personal information is safe with us

As you probably know, The European Union is introducing the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on the 25th of May 2018. With the new regulation, your personal data gets an even stronger protection.

It’s a wild web out there and in order for you to always feel safe when contacting us, we’ve updated the information about how we handle your personal information. We have clarified what kind of personal data we save and how long they are saved and how they are used to create as good a deal as possible for you as a customer.

Read our Privacy Policy here.