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  • prep-plus
  • The world’s first high flow rate, in-line degasser, for organic solvents.

    Biotech in co-operation with IDEX H&S are proud to announce the world’s first in-line, membrane degasser ready to use with aggressive media and organic solvents, while maintaining flow-rates up to 150ml/min and above.* Available configurations: Stand alone, OEM open frame and 1-4 channels.

Prep+ Eurolab 2+4ch no text

  • Preparative HPLC
  • Flash Chromatography
  • High-throughput applications
  • Clinical Chemistry Analysers
  • Dispensing Applications
  • Ink Degassing

General Specifications

Recommended Flow Rate:
75-100 ml/min (Per Channel)

Maximum Flow Rate:
200 ml/min (per channel)

Maximum Channel Pressure:
50 PSI
Wetted Materials:
Systec AF®, PPS

Liquid Connection:
1/4-28 Female Port.

Degassing Efficiency:
See graph, Pressure Drop (kPa/mL/min): 0.053 kPa/ml/min

Size (L x H x B):
L: 258mm W: 150mm H: 98mm


  • Part no.# channelsInternal Volume
    0001-0120123 ml
    0001-0220223 ml
    0001-0420423 ml
  • image001b-e1437751540534
  • water-flow-rate
  • methanol-flow-rate