Runge Mikron Miniature Detectors

Runge Mikron


Runge samling

Small and modular. Robust and intelligent. The new range of Runge Mikron detectors recently introduced by Biotech AB, unites many attractive features in a tiny package. Different modules can be combined to measure absorption, fluorescence or conductivity in a variety of fluidic systems, including liquid chromatography.

Thanks to several available LED-based fixed- wavelength light sources with a life-time of more than 5000 hours, power consumption below 2.5 watts, and start-up within seconds, the Runge Mikron detectors are ideal for incorporation into portable field instruments and online monitoring devices. This also allows the detectors to be operated in refrigerated laboratory environments down to 4 °C (39 °F), without virtually any heat production. Flexibility in sampling frequencies, detector cell sizes, port connections and choice of wetted materials, make the Runge Mikron detectors suitable for many flow rate conditions and eluent compositions.

The Runge Mikron detectors are easy to connect as they communicate through, and draw power from, one single USB-C port. Drivers are provided for several chromatography software, alternatively, an open protocol can be used for customised implementation. The detectors conform to international standards and are CE marked.

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Product News – IDEX Pressure sensors

We are happy to announce that we now have our IDEX Pressure Sensor in stock.
Meticulously engineered and broadly tested for precision sensing, our premium QuickStart Pressure Sensors continually monitor system parameters to provide you the information you need to keep your instrument operating reliably.

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Product News – Spare Parts

Spare parts supply in a very short time

We keep an extensive stock to support our customers. Supplying spare parts and replacements to a wide range of instruments and brands in the shortest time possible. We always keep a wide variety of vacuum pumps, degassing chambers, control boards and other accessories on stock to simplify replacement and maintenance for our customers. As an alternative to a repair we can also offer a suitable Degassers from our comprehensive DEGASi-line of Stand Alone Degassers.

Prep degasserDegassing chamber

Analytical Degassing Chambers

The Mini degassing chamber is used in our degassing equipment made for the largest analytical instrument manufacturers in the world. Since quality can’t be compromised the same components are also used in our DEGASi® series of stand-alone degassers.

Prep degassing

Preparative Degassing Chamber

The standard preparative degassing chamber was designed to be easy to prime, and is configured with a Teflon® AF degassing membrane (tubing) to provide maximum degassing capacity with the absolute minimum internal volume (less than 3% of PTFE designs with comparable degassing capacity) and a chemically inert, metal free flow path. Degassed mobile phase is available in less than a minute!

Systec ZHCR Pump

Systec ZHCR Pump

We introduce the ZHCR® Zero Hysteresis / Constant Run stepper motor driven vacuum pump, specifically designed and developed for membrane degassing of HPLC mobile phase. Employing a micro-stepping RPM control strategy permits the pump to run continuously, cycling between low and high speeds. The high speed provides quick pull-down, while the low speed sustains a consistent vacuum levelThe Biotech Systec AF® Degassing Replacement Kit for Waters Alliance HPLC instrument is simple to install in half an hour by any laboratory technician. Our upgrade kit is available with either our 100% biocompatible vacuum chambers, or with our Stented chambers, recommended for GPC and normal phase applications (THF and HFIP resistant).

Waters Alliance Degasser Retrofit-kit
Waters Alliance Retrofit-Kit

Agilent 1100 Degasser Retrofit-KitThe Biotech Systec AF® upgrade kit is a drop in assembly that can be installed in less than 20 minutes, requires only the use of a #1 Phillips Screwdriver, and provides the following benefits over the original configuration. This kit retains the original control board and vacuum sensor, so all communication functions with the HPLC stack and computer software are maintained.

Product News – MarvelXACT

Introducing the new MarvelXACT UHPLC Connection System
Finger tight with a “Click” feedback

MarvelXACT broschyr


Advantages of MarvelXACT UHPLC Connection Systems
  • No risk of under or over-tightening with torque limiting mechanism
  • Face sealing ensures Zero Dead Volume
  • Minimize carryover, peak broadening, and peak tailing
  • Finger-tight to 19,000 psi
  • 100+ connects and disconnects
  • No training or instructions needed to make a perfect connection every time
  • Flexible 1/32” OD tubing for easy routing through the instrument
  • Universal for 10-32 (1/16”) coned receiving ports
  • Bio-compatible PEEK flow path option as well as stainless steel flow path

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Preview the new IDEX catalogue

Idexkatalog framsidaAs Global Premium Distributor for IDEX we are proud to present the brand new IDEX catalouge. We have long experience and a unique knowledge about their assortment and can provide you with the right mix of products for a successful lab.

Browse the catalouge or download it here.

Table of contents:
● Fluidic Connections
– Tubing
– Fittings
– Conectors
– Filters, frits
● Valves
– Automated & manual valves
– Spare parts
– Accessories
– Flow regulating valves
– Back pressure regultaors
● Degassers, Debubblers
● Column Hardware