IDEX RefractoMax RI Detectors

  Accomplish sensitive and reliable detection of sugars, lipids, polymers and other compounds having low absorptivity in the UV-Vis range, by using the RefractoMax Refractive Index Detectors. This detector is perfect for: • Alcohols • Mono- and polysaccharides • Fatty acids • Polymers • Compounds with low UV-Vis activity Designed to be both powerful and user friendly. The RefractoMax is … Read More

Halo-5 HPLC Columns

Now is the time to boost the performance of your HPLC. Choose any HALO-5 HPLC column,
including columns packed with the newly introduced HALO-5 HILIC and Penta-HILIC phases,
and pay just 50% of the regular published price.