No troubles with bubbles


Degassers improve fluidic instrument precision and reliability by removing dissolved gases from fluids before they outgas and form problem causing bubbles. Three main types of bubble removing products are available:

  • Teflon AF based degassers offer the widest range of chemical compatibility and are used to eliminate retention shifts and baseline fluctuations.
  • Silicone based degassers offer the highest flow rate capabilities for water based systems such as diagnostic and life science instrumentation to improve dispense accuracy and reliability.
  • Poridex based products provide rapid bubble remove for locations where bubble introduction cannot be avoided.

  • Degassing process

  • Degassing chamber

    Dissolved gases are actively removed from a flowing liquid stream by vacuum via the IDEX Health & Science AF® membrane.

Degassing – How it works

Dissolved gasses in a fluidic system can often cause troubles. When the pressure or the temperature changes, the dissolved gasses can form bubbles which affect the accuracy, precision and performance of your equipment. On-line degassing is a very efficient way of removing dissolved gasses from the liquid and preventing bubble formation.

Why Degas Your Mobile Phase?

Dissolved air in HPLC mobile phases can result in flow rate instability and baseline disturbance.
Flow rate instability: Non-degassed mobile phase can outgas in the pump head, causing bubbles to be formed and trapped inside the head or check valves. These bubbles can cause flow disturbances and pressure fluctuations, resulting in flow rate instability.
Baseline disturbance: As the mobile phase passes through the column, it experiences a large pressure drop. Non-degassed mobile phase can outgas due to this pressure differential, causing air bubbles to form. Air bubbles passing through or lodging in the
flow cell cause detection disturbances, exhibited as baseline noise.

No Troubles with Bubbles

Biotech AB is specialized in degassing of liquids. With Systec components you can be sure to get degassers with the latest cutting edge technology. Except for our unique range of DEGASi® Standalone degassers, Biotech offers custom made degassing modules to fit your need. Biotech supplies degassing modules to some of the world’s largest instrument manufacturers.


In many low pressure systems, such as diagnostic instruments, bubbles in the fluid stream can cause false detection readings and dispense anomalies. For these systems, the Systec Active Debubbler captures and removes bubbles before they can affect the instrument or the results. Unlike passive bubble traps where bubble removal is dependent on backpressure, the Active Debubbler can be installed before or after a pump and provides consistent debubbling regardless of the system conditions.

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Debubbler implementation Debubbler implementation

Debubbling – How it works

Dissolved gases and bubbles in system liquids cause dispense volume anomalies in many instruments, negatively affecting both dispense precision and analytical accuracy. Now you have a choice of components for actively removing bubbles with or without also removing dissolved system gases. Online Vacuum Degassing offers operating convenience, high efficiency and low operating costs compared to other common degassing technologies.

Why Debubbling?

In medical analyzers, bubbles interfere with critical volumetric reagent dispenses and cause sample failures, wasting time and money. Because bubbles adhere to nearly every part of a dispensing system, high velocity or induced turbulent flow is often used to displace and discharge bubbles from the flow stream and into a waste area. These alternative processes waste reagents and are time consuming, unpredictable, and may additionally require designing the system to recognize bubbles are present.

No troubles with Bubbles

Biotech AB proudly presents a DEBUBBLER for removal of bubbles in liquids. Improve the precision and accuracy in your instrumentation with our new line of debubblers. The new debubbler can be used in every liquid transferring system where bubbles may occur; Dispensing, DNA-sequencing etc. Custom designed modules upon request. We offer total systems responsibility in the field of degassing and debubbling.

    “The world’s first high flow rate,
    in-line degasser, for organic solvents”
    • Degassi-Prep-Plus

    • DEGASi® PREP+

    • DEGASi PREP+

    DEGASi PREP PLUS uses a revolutionary new technology that makes it possible to degass organic solutions with higher flows in a cost effective manner. This means that you can increase your capacity at a lower price. The DEGASi® PREP+ is the perfect choice for efficient degassing of many types of liquids at high flow rates, up to 75-100 ml/min per chamber. With four chambers coupled in parallel, a flow of 300-400 ml/min can be used.

    “It´s small, smart & silent…”
    • Degasi PLUS


    • Biotech_DEGASi_PLUS Series

    Our latest addition to the DEGASi® standalone series is the DEGASi® PLUS. It can be equipped for a wide range of applications, depending on what kind of performance you need.


      DEGASi® PLUS is a further development of degassers such as:

      • DEGASi®Classic
      • DEGASi®Micro
      • DEGASi®GPC
      • DEGASi®Semi-Prep
      • Much smaller footprint, height and weight
      • New vacuum pump using a smart board
      • Allmost silent
      • Available with 1-6 channels
    • H

      • Parallel connected vacuum chambers
      • Easier accessibility and visibility
      • Easier troubleshooting and replacement of parts
      • Short leadtime

    Get Marvelous Connections® with our new line of UHPLC fittings

    MarvelX is the next unique Generation of UHPLC finger-tight connection technology from IDEX Health & Science.

    Besides the ease of use and superior re-usability this Marvelous Connection series ensures zero dead volume and high plate efficiency, compatible with 10-32 coned receiving ports.

    The removable stainless steel fittings are reusable up to 200 times, and uses high flexible robust replaceable precision-cut tubing with minimum tip damage.

    The MarvelX connections that seals up to 19,000 PSI does not require any connection tools. MarvelX is offered in both PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel and Stainless Steel, in a variety of lengths and ID:s

    Read the MarvelX Brochure

    Level Sensor

    A smart way to avoid overfilling the waste bottle.

    How it works

    Light sent down into the glass rod is reflected back as long as the liquid surface level is below the glass rod.As soon as the liquid level reaches the glass rod the light is scattered away from the glass rod and the sensor detects this and gives an output. The level sensor is normally mounted on a bottle cap (GL45). It consists of a ground glass rod, and electronics for detecting fluid on the rod end. The level sensor is powered by 5VDC and the output is a TTL. When the liquid level is below the glass rod the output is high (+5 VDC), and when the liquid reaches the glass rod the output is low (0 VDC). A visual and acoustic alarm is built-in to the level sensor which signals light and sound through a LED and a buzzer when the
    liquid reaches the glass rod.

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    New SunSunshell UHPLC Column Brochure

    We are proud to release the new SUNSHELL® UHPLC columns with core shell technology, in partnership with Chromanik Technologies.

    Get UHPLC performance with any LC system. Besides the high effeciency the new SUNSHELL® column also show outstanding peak shape for all type of compounds.

    Read more in the brochure below.

    SunShell Product Brochure

    Special 25% savings on HALO HPLC and UHPLC Columns


    Save 25% on any HALO Column in the HALO Product Catalog


    From October 7, 2013 until November 29, 2013, save 25% on any HALO HPLC, UHPLC, HALO-5 or HALO Guard columns in the new HALO catalog. Simply place your order and reference the special offer code AMT1113-1 and 25% will automatically be deducted from the price of the column or columns that you order. There is no limit to the number of columns that you order or the number of orders that you place. However, all orders must be received
    before end of business day on November 29, 2013 and all order must contain reference to special offer code AMT1113-1.




    To obtain your copy of the most recent HALO catalog click here
    or send an email to requesting that we email you a PDF of the catalog.
    All UHPLC and HPLC columns in the main catalog are eligible for this special offer.


    Note: HALO Peptide ES-CN and HALO Protein C4 columns are not eligible for the 25% discount.


    HALO began the revolution in core-shell columns and the proven value of innovative Fused-Core particle technology continues to drive the rapid growth in the use of these types of UHPLC and HPLC columns. We are proud to offer these columns to our customers and encourage you to take advantage of this special offer and experience the speed, resolution and durability of HALO columns for yourself.


    DEGASi® HIGH FLOW Degasser



    “An excellent choice for high-throughput applications…”




    We at BIOTECH are proud to introduce a new member to the DEGASi family, the DEGASi HIGH FLOW.

    DEGASi HIGH FLOW Degasser enables efficient degassing of many types of liquids at high flow rates, up to 500ml/min.


    • Clinical chemistry analysers
    • Dispensing applications
    • Dissolution testing
    • High-throughput applications
    • Ink degassing
    The DEGASi HIGH FLOW is also avalible as an OEM version with an open-frame structure and uses a different power delivery. Please contact us for more information.

    Please read the Product sheet below or click here for full-size document


    Special 50% Discount on Halo-5 HPLC Columns

    top banner








    New, innovative HALO®-5 HPLC column technology can boost the performance of your legacy HPLC instruments by providing:

    • – Faster separations
    • – Higher sample throughput
    • – greater resolving power for complex samples

    HALO-5 HPLC columns are made using ground- breaking Fused-Core® particle technology (core-shell particles) to produce columns that deliver the  efficiency of  HPLC columns packed with 3 μm totally porous particles, but with the back pressure of  columns packed with 5 μm particles.








    The low back pressure of HALO-5 columns facilitates the use of higher flow rates for faster separations and greater sample throughput, particularly useful for LC-MS applications. The low pressure also permits the use of longer columns, or even the coupling of columns in series, to produce very high plate numbers (efficiency) to achieve greater resolving power when needed for complex samples.

    Special 50% Discount on HALO-5 HPLC Columns

    Now is the time to boost the performance of your  HPLC. Choose any HALO-5 HPLC column,
    including columns packed with the newly introduced  HALO-5 HILIC and Penta-HILIC phases,
    and pay just 50% of the regular published price.

    Avalible configurations

    Column ID (mm)
    1.0, 2.1, 3.0, 4.6, and 10.0
    Column Length (mm)
    30, 50, 75, 100, 150, and 250
    C18, C8, Phenyl-Hexyl, PFP, ES-CN, Penta-HILIC, and HILIC

    Note: Not all combinations of column ID, length and phase are currently available.

    To place an order, use the contact information in the right bar

    You can obtain more information on HALO-5 HPLC columns, including part numbers,
    from the brochure below, or contact Biotech AB

    [issuu width=550 height=213 embedBackground=%23ffffff backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=121212142544-58de4a04f672416fb339457822a80eec name=halo-5_product_bulletin__revised_11-29-12 username=biotech-sweden tag=bulletin unit=px v=2]
    Special 50% discount offer conditions:
    All orders must be received by end of business day on June 30, 2013.
    Guard cartridges, and guard cartridge holders are excluded from this special offer.
    No other discounts or offers can be combined with this special offer.
    HALO and Fused-Core are registered trademarks of Advanced Materials Technology, Inc

    Introducing the all new DEGASi line.

    Biotech is pleased to announce the launch of the Biotech DEGASi, a new series of degassing systems. The degassers can be employed in all type of applications where gasses dissolved in the operating liquid may interfere with the use of the system. Degassing is an absolute requirement to get optimal performance out of  your analytical instrumentation or chromatography system!

    The Biotech DEGASi line is easy to use and provides reliable continuous operation for many years. The extremely low internal volume of the Systec AF™ tubing used in the degasser provides for quick equilibration and very short startup times, compared to the use of a degasser which uses PTFE® degassing channels with the same degassing efficiency. The product range includes six different degassers where you select a model depending on the flow rate and what type of solvent used.




    PEEK™-Lined Stainless Steel Tubing




    Biotech AB produly announces the new PEEK Lined Stainless Steel (PLS) Tubing from IDEX Health and Science, for biocompatible UHPLC applications. The tubing combines the strength of industry-standard 316 Stainless Steel with the chemical inertness of PEEK polymer to enable more efficient bio-separations at pressures up to 15,000 psi (1,034 bar).

    Wide Assortment of ID:s Available

    At the heart of PLS Tubing is specially-extruded Upchurch Scientific® PEEK tubing in a wide assortment of inner diameters, ranging from 25 μm ID to 254 μm ID.

    Designed to Work with VHP Fittings.

    PLS Tubing achieves its maximum performance of 15,000 psi (1,034 bar) when used with Upchurch Scientific VHP Fittings. The standard configuration of this tubing automatically pairs a length of tubing with two VHP-325 fittings, which allow repeat connections at UHPLC pressures. (PLS Tubing is also available without fittings to allow the tubing to be paired with different polymer-based fittings; however, the use of other fittings may reduce the overall performance capabilities of PLS Tubing. Please contact us for more information and guidelines on proper use of the tubing.

    Available in a Variety of Lengths

    To accommodate the various connections that are required in the “high pressure” zone of today’s UHPLC systems, PLS Tubing will be available in a number of “off-the-shelf” lengths. (Custom lengths of PLS Tubing are also available, contact us for more information.)

    Strong Yet Flexible

    The unique design features of PLS Tubing allow it to be bent into shapes that may be required by the system equipment, including angled bends and even sample loops for the injection valve, all with no loss of performance. Even in a bent shape, the PEEK lining maintains its integrity along the entire length.

    Click here for full-size document