Katarina Alenäs new board member of Biotech

Press release 2022-10-26

Katarina Alenäs new board member of Biotech

Biotech is expanding on the international market. In order to continue the growth journey the company is strengthening the board with Katarina Alenäs, who has long-term experience from the field of analytical instrumentation.

Katarina Alenäs has a current position as Senior Vice President Chromatography at Nanologica AB which is a Swedish biotech company focused on nanoporous silica. She holds a M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Lunds Tekniska Högskola and B.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Greenwich University and has a long experience in the LifeScience area in general and Chromatography in particular.

Katarina has previously held several commercial management roles at Agilent Technologies and worked at Shimadzu in Chromatography sales. She started her career as a Development engineer for Kromasil’s silica-based packing media for preparative chromatography 25 years ago.


Anders Grahn
Chairman of the Board & Founder, Biotech AB


About Biotech AB

Biotech AB supplies innovative laboratory products to instrument manufacturers & distributors around the world. With sales offices in Minnesota, USA and Fuji, Japan the company have a high global coverage which is important when having large international instrument manufacturers as customers. Biotech AB is specialized in fluidic components for analytical- and biotechnology instrumentation, but serve also other fields such as medtech. The companies market leading degassing solutions save the industry both time and money by avoiding production disruptions caused by bubbles in the fluidic lines.

Ralf Jutvik in memoriam

With sadness in our hearts, we inform that our dear colleague and friend Ralf Jutvik passed away during Christmas. Ralf had a quiet ending without pain and with his loved ones at his side. With astonishing 72 years in the field of analytical chemistry Ralf was truly unique. His exceptional and successful international career is almost impossible to summarize. With extraordinary enthusiasm, curiosity and leadership he started many new businesses around the world. During his 28 years at Perkin Elmer Ralf started offices in for example Moscow, Hongkong and China.

Most people start to slow down the pace when reaching their retirement age, but not Ralf. Instead, he began a new impressive journey as a serial entrepreneur in the life science field. Amongst his engagements Jour Research AB and SeQuant AB can be mentioned, both later sold to Valco and Merck, respectively. Ralf’s last major project was Biotech AB, which since the foundation 15 years ago has transformed from a small start-up to become an important global supplier of fluidic components to leading instrument manufacturers and distributors, with offices in the US and Japan and sales to 40 countries.

The Biotech Team, around the world, will miss Ralf’s enthusiasm, never-ending positivity and the warmness he always spread, even after his retirement in July this year, at an age of 95 years. In the spirit of Ralf, we will continue the journey.

Fritiof Pontén                             Anders Grahn
CEO, Biotech AB                        Chairman of the Board & Founder, Biotech AB

Top Performing Company 2021

We are happy and proud to announce that Biotech AB received the award “Top Performing Company of the year” for the fourth year in a row.

For the seventeenth year in a row, Dun & Bradstreet names Sweden’s “Top Performing Company of the year”. The number of companies that qualify for the list this year corresponds to approximately one per thousand of all 700,000 companies in Sweden. The number of companies that, like Biotech AB, has received the award four years in a row is 75.

A number of high criteria must be met to become a Super Company. It is about increasing both sales and profit at the same time as the company must show stability and long-term perspective in the business. The criteria must be met for at least four years in a row to be included in the list.


Entrepreneur of the year 2021

Ralf Jutvik has been awarded “Entrepreneur of the year 2021” by the local Business Association in Kungsbacka. Below you can see a video from the ceremony with english subtitles.

New Management in Biotech AB

Press release 2020-12-07

Biotech AB makes changes in leadership to strengthen growth

Biotech AB has appointed Dr Fritiof Pontén as new CEO and Anders Grahn as working Chairman of the Board of Directors. This strategic re-organisation will further strengthen the company’s position as an internationally well recognized distributor within the life science industry.

Dr Pontén has a PhD in organic chemistry and 17 years experience from AstraZeneca where he was working with drug development from very early to IND phase including process and technology development. Before he joined Biotech AB as R&D Manager in 2018 he was CEO of the biopharmaceutical company QureTech Bio AB in Umeå, Sweden.

Beside the responsibility as Chairman Anders Grahn will now focus his work on sales and business development. Under his leadership Biotech AB has developed to be an established and leading supplier within the life science industry. Mr Grahn has been CEO since he in 2007 co-founded the company, together with the serial entrepreneur Ralf Jutvik.

This is perfect timing for the next step in the growth of Biotech AB that will enable us to reach new markets with established and new products”, says Ralf Jutvik.

Fritiof Pontén comments: ”Biotech AB has a dedicated team and an exciting role in providing great fluidic solutions to instrument manufactures and distributors. I see many new opportunities to bring innovative products to these customers


Fritiof Pontén    CEO

E-mail/Phone:   fritiof.ponten@biotechfluidics.com         +46 722 119 101

Anders Grahn    Chairman of the Board of Directors

E-mail/Phone:   anders.grahn@biotechfluidics.com         +46 702 444 644


About Biotech AB

Biotech AB supplies great fluidic components to manufacturers of advanced scientific instrumentation & distributors around the world. Biotech AB is the Global Premium Distributor of IDEX Health & Science, and have offices in Europe, US and Japan. Biotech AB help our customers eliminate troubles with bubbles with our customized degassing solutions. The Biotech group had 2019 a turnover of around 7 MUSD.

Top Performing Company

We are proud to announce that Biotech AB, as one of just over one per thousand Swedish companies, for the third year in a row, has received the award “Top Performing Company” or in Swedish “Superforetag”.

Behind Sweden’s Superforetag is Bisnode Sweden, a leading company specialized in tailoring credit-, business- and market-information.

The companies on the list are ranked on the basis of the Swedish limited companies’ financial capital structure and financing over the past four years. The list thus includes companies that have performed better growth than other companies but which have also shown a higher profit, better return, higher efficiency and a stronger capital structure. All companies have a turnover of at least $1 million during the past year.

It is not enough to have a good development for one or two years. The super companies have performed very well under each parameter for four years. Each company and industry is assessed according to its conditions, size and operations. -” A “super performance” in one industry does not have to mean that it is in another. In this way, it is possible to identify the best companies regardless of recession or boom”, says Per Weidenman, Senior Analyst at Bisnode Sweden.

Meet us face-to-face!

Why not meet us online?

Not much can replace a meeting in reality but in these Corona-times one has to be inventive. Customer service has always been a high priority for us at Biotech and now we can offer at face-to-face meeting, where we could talk about things on YOUR mind. We can for instance discuss:

  • New Products
  • Applications
  • Solutions for your fluidic sytems
  • Customized OEM-solutions
  • Degassing issues

or anything YOU want to talk about. Please call +46 300 569 180 or send us an e-mail to info@biotechfluidics.com and we will get back to you to set up an online meeting.

We are looking forward to hear from you!

Anders, Fritiof and the Biotech team

Swedish Midsummer Celebrations

Swedish Midsummer

Sweden’s Midsummer (‘Midsommar’ in Swedish) is the quintessential summer celebration and something that people look forward to throughout the year, especially during the long, dark Scandinavian winters. Most Swedes try upon this day to get to a place in the countryside where they can eat pickled herring, boiled potatoes and sour cream as well as strawberries and brännvin. A maypole is often erected around which, at least if there are children present at the celebration, dancing is performed.

Due to our Midsummer celebration, our business in Sweden is closed Friday the 19th of June. After that date, we are open as usual the whole summer.

If you are curious on how we celebrate, watch the short video “Swedish Midsummer for Dummies”

BIOTECH noted in the Press

Norra Halland 200310 förstasida


Biotech har blivit uppmärksammat i lokaltidningen Norra Halland, som besökte oss och skrev en lång artikel om vår verksamhet. Vi är både glada och stolta över att vi på detta sätt blivit uppmärksammad för verksamhet. Artikeln kan i sin helhet läsas på denna länk.

Translation in English:
Biotech has been noted in the local newspaper Norra Halland, which visited us and wrote a long article about our business. We are both happy and proud that in this way we have been made aware of our business. The article can be read in full on this link.

Preparing Christmas Atmosphere in the Office

From all of us at Biotech to all our clients, partners and associates, thank you very much for your cooperation during 2019.

We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020 and look forward to a continued successful cooperation during 2020.