Get Marvelous Connections® with our new line of UHPLC fittings

MarvelX is the next unique Generation of UHPLC finger-tight connection technology from IDEX Health & Science. Besides the ease of use and superior re-usability this Marvelous Connection series ensures zero dead volume and high plate efficiency, compatible with 10-32 coned receiving ports. The removable stainless steel fittings are reusable up to 200 times, and uses high flexible robust replaceable precision-cut … Read More

Periodic Table for Fittings

Find the right fitting for you in an easy way! Our Periodic Table for Fittings will guide you. Order a printed wall poster (70 x 100 mm) by sending an email to

Fluidic connections made easy

We are pleased to announce the new One-Piece Super Flangeless™ Fitting system!

This Fitting system consists of only a single component, which has a couple of advantages.
There is no risk of twisting the tubing when screwing in the fitting.
The One-Piece Super Flangeless™ Fitting is detachable from the tubing itself which its predecessor is not.