No troubles with bubbles

DEGASSING Degassers improve fluidic instrument precision and reliability by removing dissolved gases from fluids before they outgas and form problem causing bubbles. Three main types of bubble removing products are available: Teflon AF based degassers offer the widest range of chemical compatibility and are used to eliminate retention shifts and baseline fluctuations. Silicone based degassers offer the highest flow rate … Read More

Biotech News – DEGASi PREP+

The world´s first high flow-rate, in-line degasser for organic solvents For the first time you can use a flow-rate of 75 ml/min per channel and with four channels you may reach no less than 300ml/min! Suitable for: -Preparative HPLC -Flash Chromatography -High-throughput applications -Clinical Chemistry Analysers -Dispensing Applications -Ink Degassing        

Biotech News – DEGASi PLUS

Our latest addition to the DEGASi standalone series is the DEGASi® PLUS. It can be equipped for a wide range of applications, depending on what kind of performance you need. DEGASi® PLUS is a further development of degassers such as DEGASi®Classic, DEGASi®Micro, DEGASi®GPC & DEGASi®Semi-Prep. AMONGST THE BENEFITS ARE: – Much smaller footprint, height and weight – New vacuum pump … Read More


We at biotech are proud to introduce a new member to the DEGASi family, the DEGASi HIGH FLOW.
DEGASi HIGH FLOW Degasser enables efficient degassing of many types of liquids at high flow rates, up to 500ml/min.
The degasser is a viable option for many applications, Including Ink degassing and dissolution testing