Efficient Batch Degassing

What is the most efficient batch degassing?

The understanding how dissolved gases in HPLC and liquid chromatography can result in problems during detection and pumping is by no means new knowledge. Already 40 years ago, investigations were conducted about this issue while comparing means of solving it using the batch degassing methods available at the time.
It was manifested that bubbling eluents with a gas such as helium, having lower solubility in the mobile phase mixtures compared to the oxygen and nitrogen gases present, was a reasonably efficient way of removing dissolved gases. Almost as powerful was exposing the eluent to an external vacuum, although none of these methods could compare to the most efficient, but highly impractical arrangement of continuously refluxing the solvents. In contrast, especially considering todays rather widespread practice of ultrasonication, was that this approach was remarkably poor at removing dissolved gases from solvents.

“Ultrasonic degassing was
particularly disappointing”

The authors in one scientific paper even explicitly stated that “Ultrasonic degassing was particularly disappointing” after observing that this method only managed to remove one third of the dissolved gases. The citation above and the data on dissolved oxygen gas in methanol plotted in the figure below, were extracted from the scientific paper “Solvent degassing and other factors affecting liquid chromatographic detector stability” by Janet N. Brown et al., published in Journal of Chromatography 204 (1981) 115-122.
Contact Biotech Fluidics to learn how today’s efficient and convenient inline degassers can replace the outdated and ineffective practise of ultrasonication, thus eliminating the source of bubble formation in buffers and mobile phases utilised in HPLC and liquid chromatography.

Batch degassing graph

High-precision Dispensing

High-precision dispensing facilitated by effective degassing
Dissolved gasses present a challenge in most liquid handling situations since off-gassing and the resulting formation of bubbles typically leads to inaccurate results. This is especially troublesome in high-precision dispensing equipment, where exact volumes of chilled solutions must be distributed at high speed during long sequences. The presence of temperature gradients and pressure differences in these setups accelerates bubble formation, which immediately impacts volume accuracy to an unacceptable level. Dispensers are therefore often furnished with alarms that stop and divert the flow if bubbles are detected, which instantly has a negative impact on throughput and productivity.
The most efficient way to reduce formation of bubbles is to resolve the root cause of the problem by removing the excess of dissolved gasses. This is efficiently accomplished by an in-line degasser where a controlled vacuum withdraws dissolved gasses through a gas-permeable membrane that do not allow liquids to pass. The wide range of Biotech DEGASi® PLUS degassers offers flexibility since they are designed to meet several different requirements in terms of volumes, flow rates and solvent compatibility.
The number of daily bubble alarms during dispensing in a production machine carrying nine positive-displacement precision syringes was significantly reduced when the apparatus was equipped with two Biotech DEGASi® PLUS SEMI-PREP 6-channel degassing units. The average number of daily dispensing alarms decreased by nearly 80% when using a degasser and reached a level where this did not significantly disturb the productivity, as displayed in the figure below.


Biotech at Swedish LabDays

Biotech Fluidics at Swedish LabDays

Meet Biotech Fluidics in Stockholm 6-7 April during the Swedish LabDays 2022. Take the opportunity to see both brand new and well-known products, discuss with our experts in fluidic path design and degassing, or just stop by to say hello. We look forward to seeing you!

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Periodic table of fittings

Finding and selecting the best fitting for a particular fluid flow path design can be a tedious task. Which fittings can tolerate my pressure ratings? Which fittings have the right thread for my port design? Which fittings match the size of my tubing? Which fitting is available in my preferred material?

The Periodic Table of The Analytical Fittings can help you to answer all these questions. Download the high-resolution image and scrutinize it on your computer or print it in any size you prefer. Or contact Biotech Fluidics to get your free 70 x 100 cm hardcopy poster to hang on your laboratory wall.

If you rather have Biotech Fluidics assist with finding the best fitting for your application, you are most welcome to send an email or use the form below describing your requirements. We are always happy to help!



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MarvelXACT-Tight with a Click

MarvelXACT click

Reliable high-pressure connections every time

Reliable and reproducible fluid path connections is a fundamental requirement for meeting system suitability criteria in chemical analysis performed by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC & UHPLC) equipment. Poor connections may lead to retention variability and decreased separation efficiency, thus ultimately determining if the analysis will satisfy regulatory demands including pharmacopoeia requirements, or instead fail. Since unreliable analytical results have no value at all and the samples then must be fully reprocessed, a poor fluid connection could even have impact on laboratory economy.

MarvelXACT achieves perfect leak-free fluid connections in HPLC & UHPLC by using a combination of innovative features. The pre-cut polished tube end seals efficiently and eliminates dead volumes. Moreover, the complete lack of any deforming ferrules ensures that the connection will fit to and can be moved between different port designs. Finally, the patented torque-limiting mechanism with “click” feedback ensures that every connection will have the same high performance. Built from sturdy, bioinert PEEK and stainless steel, the MarvelXACT fitting can be reconnected more than 100 times even at the most demanding positions such as column inlet.

In summary, MarvelXACT is the most cost-effective way to achieve perfect fluid column connection every time, thus increasing the probability that system suitability criteria can be met and that reliable analysis results can be delivered in a timely manner from your laboratory.

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Ralf Jutvik in memoriam

With sadness in our hearts, we inform that our dear colleague and friend Ralf Jutvik passed away during Christmas. Ralf had a quiet ending without pain and with his loved ones at his side. With astonishing 72 years in the field of analytical chemistry Ralf was truly unique. His exceptional and successful international career is almost impossible to summarize. With extraordinary enthusiasm, curiosity and leadership he started many new businesses around the world. During his 28 years at Perkin Elmer Ralf started offices in for example Moscow, Hongkong and China.

Most people start to slow down the pace when reaching their retirement age, but not Ralf. Instead, he began a new impressive journey as a serial entrepreneur in the life science field. Amongst his engagements Jour Research AB and SeQuant AB can be mentioned, both later sold to Valco and Merck, respectively. Ralf’s last major project was Biotech AB, which since the foundation 15 years ago has transformed from a small start-up to become an important global supplier of fluidic components to leading instrument manufacturers and distributors, with offices in the US and Japan and sales to 40 countries.

The Biotech Team, around the world, will miss Ralf’s enthusiasm, never-ending positivity and the warmness he always spread, even after his retirement in July this year, at an age of 95 years. In the spirit of Ralf, we will continue the journey.

Fritiof Pontén                             Anders Grahn
CEO, Biotech AB                        Chairman of the Board & Founder, Biotech AB

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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Top Performing Company 2021

We are happy and proud to announce that Biotech AB received the award “Top Performing Company of the year” for the fourth year in a row.

For the seventeenth year in a row, Dun & Bradstreet names Sweden’s “Top Performing Company of the year”. The number of companies that qualify for the list this year corresponds to approximately one per thousand of all 700,000 companies in Sweden. The number of companies that, like Biotech AB, has received the award four years in a row is 75.

A number of high criteria must be met to become a Super Company. It is about increasing both sales and profit at the same time as the company must show stability and long-term perspective in the business. The criteria must be met for at least four years in a row to be included in the list.


Biotech attends at Jasis

Jasis 2021

We are happy to announce that Bionik will be present at JASIS 2021 in Makuhari Messe, Tokyo, Japan, November 8th to 10th.

We will present our extensive line of degassers and introduce our new unique pocket sized fluidiq flow meter. The Flow Meter enables continuous measurement of flow rate, without interference in fluidic systems. Compatible with all HPLC and GPC/SEC solvents, the Flowmeter is conveniently sized and powers itself from a USB connection. A modern PC based App allows continuous recording and storage of the measured flow rates.

  • Continuous ​measurement
  • Extreme chemical compatibility
  • 0.001 ­– 5 ml/min, up to 30 bar
  • USB connection to app

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Biotech Liquid Flow Meter

Determination of flow rates in liquid chromatography has traditionally been a tedious, inexact and manual task.
But not any longer. The new Biotech Liquid Flowmeter can continuously and accurately determine inline flow rates in any mode of liquid chromatography without interfering with the system. Being compatible with most solvents, a wide pH range, and pressures up to 3 MPa (435 psi), it is the perfect tool for high-precision measurement of flow rates ranging from 0.001 to 5 mL/min. Since it also is very easy to use, small enough to fit into your hand or lab coat pocket, and not weighing more than a cell phone, it might just become your best laboratory friend.
The Biotech Liquid Flowmeter comes pre-calibrated and can be connected inline in any orientation to continuously measure inline flow rates of liquids for instance during qualification of chromatography instruments. Via its USB interface and modern PC application, data can also be recorded as time series, which may be very helpful when identifying flow rate variations during troubleshooting of pumps, check valves or other malfunctioning components in liquid chromatography equipment.

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