Swedish Midsummer Celebrations

Swedish Midsummer

Sweden’s Midsummer (‘Midsommar’ in Swedish) is the quintessential summer celebration and something that people look forward to throughout the year, especially during the long, dark Scandinavian winters. Most Swedes try upon this day to get to a place in the countryside where they can eat pickled herring, boiled potatoes and sour cream as well as strawberries and brännvin. A maypole is often erected around which, at least if there are children present at the celebration, dancing is performed.

Due to our Midsummer celebration, our business in Sweden is closed Friday the 19th of June. After that date, we are open as usual the whole summer.

If you are curious on how we celebrate, watch the short video “Swedish Midsummer for Dummies”


Average of theoretical plate (n=3)
Inner diameter of tubing0.06mm0.12mm0.25mm
Peak (1)792785246
Peak (2)779076523535
Peak (3)10704103457998
Peak (4)1011397727689
  • Column: SunShell C18, 2.6 μm 50 x 2.1 mm
  • Mobile phase: CH3CN/H2O=60/40
  • Flow rate: 0.3 mL/min
  • Temperature: Ambient
  • Tube length: 30 cm (PEEK, from the column to the flow cell)
  • Instrument: X-LC (JASCO) Response time: 0.01 sec

The theoretical plates were compared after changing the inner diameter of the tubing between the column and the flow cell of the detector. A tubing with larger inner diameter has a larger dead volume, which makes the peak width to be wider. As a result, the theoretical plate decreases. We recommend using tubing with ID 0.12 mm or less for core shell columns for maximum efficiency. As can be seen there was little advantage to go to 0.06 mm ID tubing, but the back pressure increases, so ID 0.12 mm is the preferred choice.

P/N 1535L, PEEK tubing 1/16” OD x 0.125mm ID, 50 feet


COVID-19 update from Biotech

At Biotech, all is well. People do not need to be in the office and can work from home. We take all precautions possible to keep our staff safe and healthy.

No deliveries from Biotech have been affected by COVID-19.

Our sub-suppliers are working at normal pace.
We continue to focus our efforts on keeping deliveries on time.

From our key supplier IDEX:
“We have not experienced any issues and will not be shut down as we are considered an essential business since we are helping our customers combat this. The teams have done a great job at communicating and we have no people infected at our facility. We’ve actually ramped up production to help this cause. That said, we are operating in an ever-changing environment right now, and we are committed to maintaining proactive communication with our customers as we navigate these challenging times.”

If major changes occur we will inform you.

Best regards and stay safe!

Anders Grahn, Managing Director
Biotech AB Sweden
Biotech USA LLC, Minnesota
Bionik Inc, Japan

E-mail: anders.grahn@biotechfluidics.com
Cell Phone: +46 702 444 644

BIOTECH noted in the Press

Norra Halland 200310 förstasida


Biotech har blivit uppmärksammat i lokaltidningen Norra Halland, som besökte oss och skrev en lång artikel om vår verksamhet. Vi är både glada och stolta över att vi på detta sätt blivit uppmärksammad för verksamhet. Artikeln kan i sin helhet läsas på denna länk.

Translation in English:
Biotech has been noted in the local newspaper Norra Halland, which visited us and wrote a long article about our business. We are both happy and proud that in this way we have been made aware of our business. The article can be read in full on this link.

Analytica 2020 Postponed

Meet us at Analytica München, Germany October 19-22, 2020

Please note that the trade fair as been postponed to October 2020.

The world leading trade fair analytica has been a guarantee for the successful presentation of innovative laboratory technology and future-oriented biotechnology for nearly 50 years. It is the most important industry gathering and brings together the entire range of topics that pertain to laboratories in research and industry.

Biotech are happy to annonce that we will participate this year as well, to show our top of the line degassers, including the new DEGASi High Flow 1000. Furthermore we will bring with us, the Runge pocket sized miniature detectors and of course, being the global premium distributor of IDEX, their line of fluidic components, including valves, fittings, tubing, connections, adapters, check valves, column hardware et cetera. Finally we will bring the latest version of our SunShell column.

You will meet our most qualified specialists with experience from a large area of chromatography to support your specific fluidic needs:

  • Anders Grahn, Managing Director, Analytical Chemist, Biotech AB
  • Dr. Fritiof Pontén, R&D Manager, PhD, Biotech AB
  • Ellinor Åsemyr, Global Sales, Biotech AB

Welcome to booth A1.411 for an informal conversation about how to setup a great fluidic solution. If you want to set up a meeting, don´t hesitate to call +46 300 56 81 90 or drop us a mail at info@biotechfluidics.com.


Pittcon 2020


We are happy to anounce that Biotech LLC USA will attend at Pittcon – “the world’s leading conference and expo on laboratory science”. We will show our latest line of degassers including our new DEGASi High Flow 1000, Mikron compact LED-Detectors and as the Global Premium Distributor of IDEX, a full line of IDEX fluidic components including valves, fittings, tubing, connections, adapters, check valves, column hardware et cetera.

Our line of expertice in the field of fluidic chromatography are:
– Anders Grahn, analytical chemist and Managing Director of Biotech AB
– Fritiof Pontén, PhD, R&D Manager Biotech AB
– Barb Mathieu, Manager, Biotech LLC
– Scott Silver, Pyvot Tech,  our local distibutor on the east coast

If you want to set up a meeting, please contact us at info@biotechfluidics.com or give us a call at +46 300 56 91 80.

Come to our booth 4237 and describe your needs and thoughts about how to set up an effective fluidic system. We will help you find the best solution.

Preparing Christmas Atmosphere in the Office

From all of us at Biotech to all our clients, partners and associates, thank you very much for your cooperation during 2019.

We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020 and look forward to a continued successful cooperation during 2020.

Top Performing Company 2019

Biotech is recognized for its award “Top Performing Company 2019”

The awarding of the “Top Performing Company 2019” to Biotech for the second year in a row has now gained attention in the local press. The municipality and the newspaper Norra Halland have noted on their websites that the company belongs to the exclusive crowd (0,7 %) of Swedish companies, which lives up to the high standards for the award. The founder of the award, which has been awarded for the last fifteen years, is Veckans Affärer, one of Sweden’s leading financial magazines and the credit information company Bisnode, specialized in producing high-quality business, credit and market information. To qualify for the award, the company must meet the requirements for growth, profit, return, efficiency, capital structure and financing for at least four years.

The company’s CEO Anders Grahn says “we are proud of the award and we have exciting projects underway and are planning for continued expansion with more employees shortly to ensure our growth.”

Link to the Municipality of Kungsbacka

Link to Norra Halland News Paper


Biotech DEGASi® HIGH FLOW 1000

Efficient degassing of liquids at high flow rates has always been a tough challenge. Until now, that is.

Regardless if you work with process chromatography, have sensitive manufacturing processes in biotechnology, make advanced ink jet printing, perform critical dissolution testing, or design sophisticated dispensing equipment, the new Biotech DEGASi® HIGH FLOW 1000 eliminates problems with dissolved gases. With this impressive device, you can efficiently remove bubbles and dissolved gases from your water-based solutions up to 1000 mL/min.

Biotech DEGASi® HIGH FLOW 1000 is equipped with the new superior Systec® DST vacuum pump which ensures ultra-high degasification efficiency with low maintenance. Since this vacuum pump operates with very low vibrations, the Biotech DEGASi® HIGH FLOW 1000 is almost completely silent.

Being based on silicone-membrane technology, Biotech DEGASi® HIGH FLOW 1000 is mainly designed for aqueous liquids in application areas such as:
• Clinical chemistry analyzers
• Dispensing applications
• Dissolution testing
• Process applications
• High-throughput applications
• Ink degassing

Learn more about the new benchmark for high-throughput degasification applications at: DEGASi High Flow 1000