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The Biotech team at Pittcon 2019

We would like to thank and give our appreciation to our associates, clients and suppliers, who visited our booth and contributed to making Pittcon 2019 a success, this year again. There has been many rewarding and interesting meetings that we hope will lead to new business for the benefit of us all. Now were are back to business as usual and we hope to see you next year!

An Upgrade kit for Agilent

Agilent 1379 upgrade kit

Bring your old device to a new level!

Biotech introduces a new Degassing upgrade kit for Agilent 1100/G1379 HPLC degasser

 The Biotech degassing upgrade kit is a drop-in assembly, that can be installed by any qualified lab technician in less than 20 minutes and requires only a #1 Phillips Screwdriver.

There are two versions of the upgrade kit:

  • a separate 2-channel degassing chamber kit (for G1379A and G1379B)
  • a complete kit with Systec AF® vacuum pump and PC-board (for G1379A only)

Our Installation Guide includes step-by-step instructions to:

  •  Remove the original components
  •  Install the PCB & Vacuum Pump Assemblies with related cables
  •  Install the vacuum chamber assemblies
  •  Plumb vacuum tubing in the Degasser
  •  Replace the covers

Full kit includes all necessary tubing, fittings, hardware and cables to get you up and running quickly.

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Pittcon 2019 – we’ll be back


From March 17 to 21, 2019, Biotech will head to Philadelphia for Pittcon, the world’s leading annual conference and exposition on laboratory science. Returning to Pittcon for the 7th year, we will showcase our top of the line products in the field of degassing, debubbling and detections.

This year, the company is represented by our most qualified specialists with experience from a large area of chromatography, ready to help you find solutions to your specific needs. In our boot 3004 you will find:

  • Dr. Fritiof Pontén, R&D Manager, Biotech AB
  • Anders Grahn, Managing Director, Biotech AB
  • Barb Mathieu, Office Manager, Biotech USA LLC
  • Etsuko Shearer, Managing Director, Bionik Inc. Japan
  • Dr. Norikazu Nagae, CEO, Chromanik Inc. Japan
  • Scott Silver, Innovations United, USA – Biotech and Chromanik distributor in US

We are happy to invite all our clients, customers and suppliers to booth 3004, where we will show our DEGASi line, Mikron compact LED-Detectors and as a Global Premium Distributor of IDEX, a full line of IDEX fluidic components including valves, fittings, tubing, connections, adapters, check valves, column hardware et cetera.

Feel free to join us in an informal conversation about how to setup a great fluidic solution.


Biotech flask

New Application Dictionary

SunShell Applications 2018

Order the new Chromanik-Biotech Application Dictionary on USB stick or download it as pdf file.
This booklet contains over 120 application examples of how Chromanik HPLC and UHPLC columns solve separation and analysis problem and is the perfect tool to use for marketing and sales. Every example contains all the info to set up the separation, including mobile phase, flow rate, temperature and detection type. Most applications also come with chemical structural formula, making it easy for your customers to recognize molecules similar to their own.
Witness the true power of Chromanik HPLC and UHPLC columns. With a wide variety of column chemistries to choose from, including C18, C18-WP, HFC18-16, HFC18-30, RP-AQUA, CS, C30, PFP, Phenyl, CS-30, C8-30HT, C4-30, HILIC-Amide and 2-EP, even the most challenging analysis needs are likely to be solved.
SunShell Dictionary_Sida_112
This inspiring range of convincing separations will hopefully make you and other skilled chromatographers curious about the benefits that Chromanik HPLC and UHPLC columns can bring to your laboratories. In the Application Dictionary you can learn from interesting applications such as:
– LC/MS analysis of 213 pesticides within 15 minutes on a Sunshell C18 column (No. 1101B)
– High-throughput baseline separation of 8 components within less than 1 minute (No. 1033)
– Separation of 11 organic acids within 5 minutes using a fully aqueous mobile phase (No. 1059)
– Selectivity comparison of Sunshell C18, PFP and Phenyl columns using three toluidine isomers and acetonitrile or methanol as organic modifier in the mobile phase (No. 1125H)
If you cannot find a matching separation example in this Application Dictionary or have other questions about HPLC and UHPLC, you are most welcome to contact Biotech. Our aim is to guide you to the best column for every situation. The solution could be only an email or phone call away!

Download DictionaryOrder USB-Stick



ChromaNik have released a range of Micro and Nano LC-MS columns with diameters from 0.5 mm down to 75 µm in different lengths. The columns are available with the SunShell high-performance core-shell materials in different particle sizes and with either C18 or Phenyl stationary phase chemistries. You can also choose the high-throughput material SunShell C8-30HT which has an exceptionally thin shell structure for extra fast separations, or the more traditional fully porous Sunniest material with C18 modification, or the SunShell C4-100 wide pore core-shell particles for separation of large molecules like monoclonal antibodies.

LC/MS/MSThe ChromaNik Micro and Nano columns are highly suitable for LC-MS/MS analysis. The columns can for example contribute to higher sequence coverage and higher identification rate when mapping a tryptic digest of a BSA protein, as shown in the example below. This was achieved thanks to an efficient separation with small peak elution volume, resulting in better discrimination and higher detection sensitivity.

IDEX RefractoMax RI Detectors



Accomplish sensitive and reliable detection of sugars, lipids, polymers and other compounds having low absorptivity in the UV-Vis range, by using the RefractoMax Refractive Index Detectors. This detector is perfect for:
• Alcohols
• Mono- and polysaccharides
• Fatty acids
• Polymers
• Compounds with low UV-Vis activity
Designed to be both powerful and user friendly. The RefractoMax is engineered to give very high baseline stability to deliver superior signal-to-noise ratio with neglectable drift even at long analysis times. This is accomplished by the optical bench which is thermostatically controlled between 30 °C to 55 °C.
Convenient features such as a leak sensor that automatically can switch off the pump and automated start-up, facilitates everyday use and method development. The Auto Set-up function automates purging, equilibration, autozero and control of baseline stability and noise. Instrument validation and calibration can also be carried out by the push of a button and instructions on the coloured display screen. Easy integration with different chromatography systems is ensured by the ports for external input and output communication.
Because the RefractoMax is available in three different configurations there is always a model that fit your needs. The 524 Micro version is optimized for operation together with small ID HPLC columns used at low flow rates, and the 521 Analytical model is designed for highest detection sensitivity with standard HPLC column separations. The RefractoMax 522 Semi-Prep is suitable for higher flow rates and has a wider dynamic range to handle more concentrated samples.

RefractoMax 524 MicroRefractoMax 521 AnalyticalRefractoMax 522 Semi-Prep
• 0.1 to 1 mL/min
• 2.5 µL flow cell
• High sensitivity
• 1 to 5 mL/min
• 8 µL flow cell
• High sensitivity
• 1 to 50 mL/min
• 8 µL flow cell
• Wide dynamic range

Runge Mikron Miniature Detectors

Runge Mikron


Runge samling

Small and modular. Robust and intelligent. The new range of Runge Mikron detectors recently introduced by Biotech AB, unites many attractive features in a tiny package. Different modules can be combined to measure  in a variety of fluidic systems, including liquid chromatography.

Thanks to several available LED-based fixed- wavelength light sources with a life-time of more than 5000 hours, power consumption below 2.5 watts, and start-up within seconds, the Runge Mikron detectors are ideal for incorporation into portable field instruments and online monitoring devices. This also allows the detectors to be operated in refrigerated laboratory environments down to 4 °C (39 °F), without virtually any heat production. Flexibility in sampling frequencies, detector cell sizes, port connections and choice of wetted materials, make the Runge Mikron detectors suitable for many flow rate conditions and eluent compositions.

The Runge Mikron detectors are easy to connect as they communicate through, and draw power from, one single USB-C port. Drivers are provided for several chromatography software, alternatively, an open protocol can be used for customised implementation. The detectors conform to international standards and are CE marked.

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Report from EAS, NJ

EAS 11

According to our partner Mr. Scott Silver Innovations United, the exhibition has been very successful. A lot of interest has been shown for our products, especially DEGASi PLUS degassers and Runge Detectors and Mr. Scott would like to thank all our partners and clients who all contributed to making this exhibition a success.

Request for an IDEX Catalog

IDEX F120 Fittings

Endless Possibilities for Customization

Being a Global Premium Distributor to IDEX Health & Science, we can provide you with our 160 pages catalog – a unique reference book with access to thousands of items. We have a cutting edge knowledge to tailor your need whether it is applications for low or high pressure, water based fluids or hazardous organic solvents – virtually any fitting – any ferrule.

Here’s how to get a copy:
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¤ My preference is a USB Memory.
¤ I prefer to download it from your website.
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Great Fluidic Solutions

Let us be your first choice whenever your need is highest quality fittings, tubing, connectors, filters, valves, detectors, pressure sensors, degassers – whether it is for UHPLC /HPLC/GPC/Prep, Flash, Biosensor/SPR or other fluidic instrumentation.
Make your choice – 10 pcs or 10.000 pcs and discover our capacity, stocking facilities and customization. We have stocking centers in EU, USA and Japan and delivers fast and safe.

Eastern Analytical Symposium 2018

EAS logo

Biotech, Innovations United and ChromaNik are excited to welcome you to our joint booth at EAS. There you will find our top of the line products in the field of Chromatography.

We will present our latest products, such as:

Runge Mikron Detectors

Runge samling

Unique series of portable pocket-sized detectors for liquid chromatography and other fluidic systems.

•    Extremely portable
•    Photometer, fluorimeter or conductivity meter
•    Modular design of light sources, filters and measurements cells
•    Long life LED light sources
•    Ideal for field studies and on-line monitoring

New standalone degasser for a wide variety of applications. Can be equipped with 1-6 channels depending on the performance you need.
Uppställning Degasi PLUS
•    Aqueous and organic solvents
•    Small footprint and very silent
•    Easy adaption and maintenance
•    Technical support and short lead time


SunShell Micro/Nano core-shell columns

The two columns presented by ChromaNik the new SunShell Micro/Nano core-shell columns with an ID of 0.075 mm – 0.3 mm for Bioseparations as for example separation of Monoclonal Antibody (IgG).
Micro Nano Columns