Biotech DEGASi® HIGH FLOW 1000

Efficient degassing of liquids at high flow rates has always been a tough challenge. Until now, that is.

Regardless if you work with process chromatography, have sensitive manufacturing processes in biotechnology, make advanced ink jet printing, perform critical dissolution testing, or design sophisticated dispensing equipment, the new Biotech DEGASi® HIGH FLOW 1000 eliminates problems with dissolved gases. With this impressive device, you can efficiently remove bubbles and dissolved gases from your water-based solutions up to 1000 mL/min.

Biotech DEGASi® HIGH FLOW 1000 is equipped with the new superior Systec® DST vacuum pump which ensures ultra-high degasification efficiency with low maintenance. Since this vacuum pump operates with very low vibrations, the Biotech DEGASi® HIGH FLOW 1000 is almost completely silent.

Being based on silicone-membrane technology, Biotech DEGASi® HIGH FLOW 1000 is mainly designed for aqueous liquids in application areas such as:
• Clinical chemistry analyzers
• Dispensing applications
• Dissolution testing
• Process applications
• High-throughput applications
• Ink degassing

Learn more about the new benchmark for high-throughput degasification applications at: DEGASi High Flow 1000

Biotech – Top Performing Company

We are happy to announce that Biotech AB has been awarded Top Performing Company for the second year in a row.

This means that Biotech belongs to an exclusive group of companies who meet the standards below, which only 0.07 % of the Swedish companies does.

For a company to be classified as a Top Performing Company, “it must meet a number of high criteria. It is about increasing both sales and profits while at the same time the company must demonstrate stability and long-term business. The criteria must be met for at least four consecutive years in order to be included in the exclusive list.”

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BIOTECH I KUNGSBACKA AB  has on 23 October 2019 attained the status of UC GOLD (HIGHEST CREDITWORTHINESS)

UC GOLD accreditation testifies that BIOTECH I KUNGSBACKA AB is a stable, reliable partner with which to do business. This credit rating is based on UC Risk Corporate, the market’s most reliable model for credit assessment. Updated on a daily basis, UC Risk indicates the likelihood of a company becoming insolvent within one year.

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This year we are happy to attend at Jasis 5-7th September Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 2-1 Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba-city,Chiba Japan.

Together with BioNik we are eager to show some of our new products, especially our new degasser DEGASi High Flow which are pushing high flow degassing even further. You will find us in booth 6B-505.

Very Welcome!


Our new premisis

Thanks to Biotech’s successful development, we have grown out of our premises. Luckily the solution was close and we have now had the inauguration of our new premises, which ended with a delicious lunch.

Introducing the <1100 ml Volumetric Precision Dispenser


Have you encountered issues dispensing larger volumes of liquids with high precision and accuracy?
Biotech introduces the Volumetric Precision Dispenser, a fast dispenser that makes it possible to repeatedly dispense larger volumes in a very easy and convenient way. Our new dispenser will save you a lot of time and you can be sure to get a perfect result. It operates via a display without any need of external computer and is compatible with almost all organic solvents.

Amongst the benefits are:

  • In the range of <30 – 1 100 ml you will get an exact dosage of liquid volumes.
  • You can repeat the set volume up to 999 times.
  • The standard deviation is <0.02.
  • Volume and precision accuracy: 30 – 300 ml <0,5 ml, 300 – 1100 ml <0.4%.
  • It can be operated from a touch panel without the need of a computer.
  • Easy to operate via touch panel. No computer needed.
  • Since the device has no contact with metal, it is corrosion resistant.
  • The dispenser can handle aggressive liquids and solvents.
  • It is also available for dilution purposes with extra valves.
  • The life time is outstanding.
  • Lower volume ranges, e.g., 500 ml are also available.

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Biotech expands headquarter

Biotech inaugurates the new conference room

Biotech AB has expanded the headquarter in Onsala, Sweden. The official opening ceremony was attended by Distribution sales manager André Meyer from IDEX Health and Science, who cut the ribbon to the new conference room in the building. The new facilities have increased the office space by nearly 50% and makes it easier to welcome visitors for product training and technical support. Equipped with new video conference equipment, the new space also facilitates remote meetings, bringing customers all over the world closer to Biotech’s technical expertise and to R&D Manager Dr. Fritiof Pontén, while minimizing travelling. You are most welcome to visit Biotech in Onsala or set up an online meeting to discuss your needs in degassing and components for fluidic systems.

Welcome to Labvolution 2019

We have now prepared our booth and are ready to show all our products, both new and those that no one can do without. Feel free to join us for an informal conversation about how to setup a great fluidic solution.

Map Biotechs booth at Labvolution

Welcome to Hannover, Germany!

Biotech at Labvolution 2019
LABVOLUTION – the European trade fair for innovative lab equipment and lab workflow optimization

As usual, we set up with our most skilled team in order to support you with qualified fluidic solutions.


We are happy to invite all our clients, customers and suppliers to Hall 20 booth B17, where we will show our DEGASi line, Mikron compact LED-Detectors and as a Global Premium Distributor of IDEX, a full line of IDEX fluidic components including valves, fittings, tubing, connections, adapters, check valves, column hardware et cetera.

Feel free to join us for an informal conversation about how to setup a great fluidic solution.

Map Biotechs booth at Labvolution

Thanks for the visit!

The Biotech team at Pittcon 2019

We would like to thank and give our appreciation to our associates, clients and suppliers, who visited our booth and contributed to making Pittcon 2019 a success, this year again. There has been many rewarding and interesting meetings that we hope will lead to new business for the benefit of us all. Now were are back to business as usual and we hope to see you next year!