Biotech DEGASi Preparative Stand Alone Degasser 2-Channel Prep 20mL/min


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Our Preparative Stand-Alone Vacuum Degasser Systems are specifically designed for HPLC and other fluidic systems. The Preparative systems are designed for flow rates up to 100ml/min per channel. The system removes dissolved gases from the mobile phases to reduce retention time shifts and improve baseline stability, as the pump will work much more reliable. Removing dissolved gasses eliminates bubbles before they occur and removes oxygen which can interfere with UV detection methods. The system is available with 2-4 channels. Select the “GPC” version for applications using hexanes and similar organic solvents. IDEX SKU: 0001-6482

Additional information

Chemical Compatibility

See Solvent Compatibility Chart

Height (mm)


Internal Volume mL


Length (mm)


Liquid Connections

1_4-28 UNF, Expected Lifetime – >5 years (continuous run @ 60 RPM)

Membrane Type

Systec AF

# of Channels


Power Requirements

100-240V AC 1A 50 to 60hz

Pressure Rating Max (psi)


Tubing ID (in)


Vacuum Flow Path Materials

303 Stainless Steel, Polypropylene, PTFE, EPDM Rubber

Wetted Materials

Systec AF, PEEK and Glass-filled PTFE

Width (mm)