Product News – MarvelXACT™

Introducing the new MarvelXACT UHPLC Connection System Finger tight with a “Click” feedback   Advantages of MarvelXACT UHPLC Connection Systems No risk of under or over-tightening with torque limiting mechanism Face sealing ensures Zero Dead Volume Minimize carryover, peak broadening, and peak tailing Finger-tight to 19,000 psi 100+ connects and disconnects No training or instructions needed to make a perfect … Read More

New Biocompatible PEEK-Lined Stainless steel Column Hardware

  IDEX Health & Science introduces the new PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel (PLS) Column Hardware for biocompatible applications. The PLS column hardware combines the strength of our stainless steel UHPLC column (IsoBar) with the chemical inertness of PEEK polymer to ensure the integrity of biological samples by minimizing unwanted surface interactions while also allowing operation under harsh solvent or pH conditions. This hardware has been designed for demanding applications … Read More