Biotech Tubi

Biotech TUBi – Tubing your way Tubing is an essential part of every fluidic system. With our knowledge in the field we can assist you in finding the most suitable tubing solution for your needs. It is easy, smart and economical to ask us first. You will get tubing your way. We have a wide range of high quality tubing … Read More

Level Sensor

A smart way to avoid overfilling the waste bottle. How it works Light sent down into the glass rod is reflected back as long as the liquid surface level is below the glass rod.As soon as the liquid level reaches the glass rod the light is scattered away from the glass rod and the sensor detects this and gives an output. The level sensor … Read More

Fluidic connections made easy

We are pleased to announce the new One-Piece Super Flangeless™ Fitting system!

This Fitting system consists of only a single component, which has a couple of advantages.
There is no risk of twisting the tubing when screwing in the fitting.
The One-Piece Super Flangeless™ Fitting is detachable from the tubing itself which its predecessor is not.