Pumping cells or blood?

This is THE PUMP for Delivery of Delicate Media

  • Biotech have together with Hestia Medtech developed a new pumping principle – Gravity Pump Technology – for delivery of delicate media

    • Extremely gentle fluidic handling
    • No pulsation
    • Extreme life time
    • No maintenance
    • Patented in US and EP

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  • The opportunity
    The Delicate Media Pump addresses the Life Sciences demands by delivering benefits such as:

    – No microbubbles, that can lead to air embolism
    – No mechanical compression, that can lead to hemolysis
    – No mechanical stress, that can lead to thrombosis

    The Gravity pump technology offers great advantages in handling sensitive fluids.

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    Pumps used today, such as peristaltic pumps and centrifugal pumps, affect the media by mechanical force which sometimes lead to:

    Micro bubbles

    Which might lead to:
    Organ dysfunction
    Clotting or coagulation of blood

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  • The solution
    For many of the applications within Life Sciences there are needs of a pump that handles the media gently without creating negative effects. The patented Gravity-pump addresses these needs by a new pumping principle that is unique with:

    -No rotating mechanical parts
    -The pumping unit is separate from the electronics
    -Gravity is used as the “driving-principle”
    -The pumping unit, in contact with the liquid is a single-use unit
    -The delivered pressure is variable that can be chosen exactly as needed

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  • Status
    The pump has been used within the industry continuously for 24/7 during 4 years.
    – A company at the Sahlgrenska Science park
    – Patented in US and EP
    – 2nd place in “This years best product innovation 2013” at Jönköping fair
  • More information
    For additional information please contact us: – Phone +46 (0) 300 569180