Systec ZHCR Degassing Pump

Systec ZHCR Vacuum Pump, Analytical, bottom mount


The Dual Stage Pump (DST) is a vacuum control system for use with IDEX degassing chambers and PCB control systems. The analytical version is designed for standard degassing chambers and fluids. The pump is also available in side mount versions.

Additional information

Air Flow (no vacuum)

650 SCCM @ 400 RPM, 100 SCCM @ 60 RPM

Expected Lifetime

>5 years (continuous run @ 60 RPM)

Motor winding resistance

4.4 ohm, Motor max rated current – 1A

Pump Head Continuous Purge Air Flow Rate

~12 SCCM

Pump-down Time

<1 minute (with 4 MINI degassing channels, 50 cc total internal volume)

Step Angle


Stepper motor driver

unipolar or bipolar

Typical Vacuum Performance

50 mmHg @ (60±20) RPM (3 SCCM air flow, closed loop)

Unipolar driver specs

16 microsteps/step, 680 mA peak current – 15 to 24 VDC, power consumption – <5 W with temperature rise <25°C

Wetted Materials

303 Stainless Steel, Polypropylene, PTFE, EPDM Rubber