Systec ZHCR Degassing Pump

SYSTEC DST Pump with PCB, Vacuum Degassing Control System, Analytical, Bottom Mount


Our Degassing Vacuum Control System is designed for simple plug and play operation into most of our degassing chambers. Simply provide 24DC and the system will automatically provide vacuum to the specified vacuum level. Built in continuous head purges ensure that moisture and vapor are swept out of the pump to maintain consistent performance. An optional connector is available for LED error outputs.

This all new generation of pumps is characterized of being almost entirely silent – a remarkable upgrade from older versions. It’s also lighter and operates with less vibrations.

Additional information

Closed-Loop Control Setpoint

50 mmHg absolute (analytical) or 80 mmHg (prep), pump runs at high RPM until near setpoint then speed is varied to maintain a value of setpoin, load independent

Power Requirements

15-24 VDC @ 0.75 Amp max., (less than 5 Watts consumption average) 15-24 VDC @ 0.75 Amp max., (less than 5 Watts consumption average)


50C or lower when run in ambient conditions (20-25C)

Vacuum Sensor Calibration Accuracy

Prep 80 mmHg +/- 10 mmHg, Analytical 50 mmHg +/- 10 mmHg