SunShell C8-30 2.6µm 150mm X 4.6mm ID


SunShell is a series of Core Shell columns giving UHPLC performance with any HPLC system, but with only 1/3 of the backpressure of sub 2µm columns. Thanks to the unique bonding technology, SunShell columns gives market leading chromatographic performance. This means symmetrical peaks, high effeciency, low bleeding and very high pH stability. SunShell columns are manufactured by Chromanik Technologies Inc. in Japan. SunShell columns are available in a wide variety of selectivities and dimensions.

Additional information

Available PH Range 1-5

9. a: 50MPa, 7141 psi for 4.6 mm i.d. column

Carbon Content


Column Category


End Capping

Sunniest endcapping

Ligand Density

2.5 µmol/m2

Max Operating Pressure

60 Mpaa or 8,570 psia

Particle Size

2.6 µm

Pore Diameter


Specific Surface Area

40 m2/g