PCB with LED’s for DEGASi Classic, GPC, Mico, Semi-Prep


9000-1056 is a closed-loop vacuum pump controller with 3 indicator LED’s. This controller is configured for analytical scale applications.

Additional information

Power Requirements

15-24 VDC @ 0.85 Amp max. +-0.5% of reading


+-2 mm Hg absolute over an ambient operating temperature range of 10-35 degrees C


50 mm Hg absolute (pump runs at high RPM until near setpoint, then speed is varied to maintain a value of 50 mm Hg absolute load independent).


5 mV DC / 1 mm Hg absolute from 20 to 800 mm Hg (0.100 VDC @ 20 mm Hg; 4.000 V DC @ 800 mm Hg)