Intuitive™ Torque Limiting Fitting 1/8


Our Intuitive™ fitting system from IDEX Health & Science for low pressure tubing assemblies, provides built-in torque control that enables high reproducibility and improved reliability of your connections. The torque limiting feature provides a haptic “click” feedback when it reaches the optimum torque, assuring a perfect connection every time.

Integrated with our custom tubing assemblies, the Intuitive™ fitting can be used in an instrument’s fluidic connections with the highest flexibility in mind. This universal fitting is used with 1/8” OD tubing and works with Flanged and Super Flangeless connection systems.

With a high reusability factor of about 80 “clicks,” this fitting ensures connection flexibility.

Additional information

Fitting Type

1/4-28 Torque Limiting PEEK™ Fitting

Installation Method

Finger-tighten until the first “click” feedback is received



Maximum Temperature ºC


Max Operating Pressure psi


Tubing OD (in)


Tube Material Compability

ETFE, FEP, HPFA, PEEK, PFA, PTFE, Stainless Steel