DEGASi High Flow 1000

BIOTECH DEGASi® High Flow 1000 Stand Alone, Preparative Degasser, 200 ml Silicone, 1000 ml/min, Water and Water Based Ink Applications

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Suitable for high flow applications like chemical analyses, biotechnology or sensitive processes on the manufacturing side. DEGASi® HIGH FLOW 1000 works with real high flow rates and ultra-high degassing efficiency. With water-based solutions it removes dissolved gases at flow rates up to 1000 ml/min.

Additional information

Applicable Solvents

Delonized water, pure water, neutral buffer

Liquid Connections

Barb for ID 10 mm tubing

Maximum Channel Pressure

14 PSI/1 Bar


(L x H x W Weight): 365x135x150 mm 5300g

Wetted Materials

Silicone, PVC, Nitrile Rubber, Polyamide