Biotech News – DEGASi PREP+

DEGASi Prep+

The world´s first high flow-rate, in-line degasser for organic solvents

For the first time you can use a flow-rate of 75 ml/min per channel and with four channels you may reach no less than 300ml/min!

Suitable for:
-Preparative HPLC
-Flash Chromatography
-High-throughput applications
-Clinical Chemistry Analysers
-Dispensing Applications
-Ink Degassing

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Biotech News – DEGASi PLUS

Degasi PLUS

Our latest addition to the DEGASi standalone series is the DEGASi® PLUS. It
can be equipped for a wide range of applications, depending on what kind of
performance you need. DEGASi® PLUS is a further development of degassers
such as DEGASi®Classic, DEGASi®Micro, DEGASi®GPC & DEGASi®Semi-Prep.

– Much smaller footprint, height and weight
– New vacuum pump using a smart board
– Very silent
– Available with 1-6 channels
– Parallel connected vacuum chambers
– Easier accessibility and visibility
– Easier troubleshooting and replacement of parts
– Short leadtime

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Product News – Sensors

Level + IDEX pressure sensor

Secure your analysis with our new high quality level- and pressure-sensors


– Avoid over filling – Monitor Pressure
– High reability – Detect blockages
– 100% No mechanical level sensor – Prevent failure

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Biotech Tubi

Biotech Tubing

Biotech TUBi – Tubing your way

Tubing is an essential part of every fluidic system. With our knowledge in the field we can assist you in finding the most suitable tubing solution for your needs. It is easy, smart and economical to ask us first. You will get tubing your way. We have a wide range of high quality tubing of different material, OD & ID and color. Furthermore we offer clean room manufactured tubing and standard to extreme tolerances on OD & ID. Our OEM solutions include customized solutions with pre-cut tubing, mounted fittings, packaging with your label and much more.


Biotech Tubi

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Back home from Pittcon…

… tired, with aching feet but with new experiences, contacts and orders in our baggage, we can note that this year’s exhibition was successful. We want to thank all our customers, employees and partners who all contributed to this success.

See you at Pittcon!

Welcome to booth 2546. There you will find Anders Grahn and Ellinor Åsemyr from Biotech Sweden, Barb Mathieu from Biotech US and the famous inventor of the outstanding Sunshell column, Dr. Norikazu Nagae from ChromaNik Japan. We also have Scott Silver from Innovations United, USA with us .

This year we have several new products that we would like to introduce, e.g.:

  • The new SunShell C18 2um column

  • The new DEGASi Compact degasser

  • The new HPLC detectors

  • The new unique pump for sensitive and delicate media

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  • The outstanding Degasi Prep+

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  • Get a printed copy of the new IDEX catalouge

    Or download it yourself

Welcome and see you soon!

Success at EAS!

The new partnership between ChromaNik, here represented by Dr. Norikazu Nagae and Innovations United, represented by Scott Silver, which was established for the EAS in November, can only be termed as a success. Many new contacts were made and business was done, and our presence was appreciated among the customers.