Degasi Prep+ the world’s first high flow rate in-line degasser for organic solvents.

Biotech in co-operation with IDEX H&S are proud to announce the world’s first in-line, membrane degasser ready to use with aggressive media and organic solvents, while maintaining flow-rates up to 75-100 ml/min per channel and above. Available configurations: Stand alone, OEM open frame and 1-4 channels.


Preparative HPLC
Flash Chromatography
High-throughput applications
Clinical Chemistry Analysers
Dispensing Applications
Ink Degassing

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Get Marvelous Connections® with our new line of UHPLC fittings

MarvelX is the next unique Generation of UHPLC finger-tight connection technology from IDEX Health & Science.

Besides the ease of use and superior re-usability this Marvelous Connection series ensures zero dead volume and high plate efficiency, compatible with 10-32 coned receiving ports.

The removable stainless steel fittings are reusable up to 200 times, and uses high flexible robust replaceable precision-cut tubing with minimum tip damage.

The MarvelX connections that seals up to 19,000 PSI does not require any connection tools. MarvelX is offered in both PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel and Stainless Steel, in a variety of lengths and ID:s

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Level Sensor

A smart way to avoid overfilling the waste bottle.

How it works

Light sent down into the glass rod is reflected back as long as the liquid surface level is below the glass rod.As soon as the liquid level reaches the glass rod the light is scattered away from the glass rod and the sensor detects this and gives an output. The level sensor is normally mounted on a bottle cap (GL45). It consists of a ground glass rod, and electronics for detecting fluid on the rod end. The level sensor is powered by 5VDC and the output is a TTL. When the liquid level is below the glass rod the output is high (+5 VDC), and when the liquid reaches the glass rod the output is low (0 VDC). A visual and acoustic alarm is built-in to the level sensor which signals light and sound through a LED and a buzzer when the
liquid reaches the glass rod.

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New Biocompatible PEEK-Lined Stainless steel Column Hardware


IDEX Health & Science introduces the new PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel (PLS) Column Hardware for biocompatible applications. The PLS column hardware combines the strength of our stainless steel UHPLC column (IsoBar) with the chemical inertness of PEEK polymer to ensure the integrity of biological samples by minimizing unwanted surface interactions while also allowing operation under harsh solvent or pH conditions. This hardware has been designed for demanding applications within the UHPLC realm.

Available in a Variety of Lengths
The PLS column is available in a variety of standard lengths to accommodate various application requirements. Each column hardware design contains removable frits in Titanium and PEEK options. For custom lengths please contact us for more information.

Application Note 1: Comparison of Phosphoprotein Sample Recovery Between a PLS Column and a Stainless Steel Column Smaller column ID’s (2.1 mm) were packed with 2.6 μm media to study the separation of phosphoprotein and the relative recovery of a phosphoprotein in mixture. A comparison was made between our new PLS column and a conventional SST column, both of which were packed and tested under identical conditions. For these particular proteins, and under our experimental conditions, the PLS column with PEEK frits resulted in a significantly improved peak height. No pre-conditioning was required of the surfaces to achieve the improvement in protein throughput.

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Meet us at Pittcon 8-12th of March!

Pittcontest 2





We welcome you to visit us at PITTCON 2015 in New Orleans, Booth 910

Biotech AB and Biotech USA along with ChromaNik Technologies will be present, together with our partner Innovations United.

You can find a full range of components for your fluidic system- both for OEM’s and end-users.

We will display our new products including the brand new Biotech DEGASi Prep Degasser, our latest addition to the Biotech DEGASi family.

As we are specialized in degassing you can expect interesting news in this field to be shown!

On display we have a showcase of our endless options of tubing kits, Customizable Degassers and much more.


Furthermore we will display the exciting SUNSHELL® UHPLC column range with core shell technology, giving your LC system UHPLC performance with its high efficiency and outstanding peak shape for all types of compunds.

Please let us know if you want to schedule a time slot for a meeting!

We welcome you to PITTCON 2015, New Orleans!

Anders Grahn, Biotech AB, Sweden

Barb Mathieu, Biotech USA

Scott Silver, Innovations United, USA

Norikazu Nagae, ChromaNik Technologies Inc., Japan

New postal address

Biotech Sweden AB has hereby a new Postal address.

Our new adress is now the same as our delivery/visiting adress:

Biotech AB
Råövägen 300
43992, ONSALA




“An excellent choice for high-throughput applications…”




We at BIOTECH are proud to introduce a new member to the DEGASi family, the DEGASi HIGH FLOW.

DEGASi HIGH FLOW Degasser enables efficient degassing of many types of liquids at high flow rates, up to 500ml/min.


  • Clinical chemistry analysers
  • Dispensing applications
  • Dissolution testing
  • High-throughput applications
  • Ink degassing
The DEGASi HIGH FLOW is also avalible as an OEM version with an open-frame structure and uses a different power delivery. Please contact us for more information.

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