Halo-5 HPLC Columns

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New, innovative HALO®-5 HPLC column technology can boost the performance of your legacy HPLC instruments by providing:

  • – Faster separations
  • – Higher sample throughput
  • – greater resolving power for complex samples

HALO-5 HPLC columns are made using ground- breaking Fused-Core® particle technology (core-shell particles) to produce columns that deliver the  efficiency of  HPLC columns packed with 3 μm totally porous particles, but with the back pressure of  columns packed with 5 μm particles.








The low back pressure of HALO-5 columns facilitates the use of higher flow rates for faster separations and greater sample throughput, particularly useful for LC-MS applications. The low pressure also permits the use of longer columns, or even the coupling of columns in series, to produce very high plate numbers (efficiency) to achieve greater resolving power when needed for complex samples.

Avalible configurations

Column ID (mm)
1.0, 2.1, 3.0, 4.6, and 10.0
Column Length (mm)
30, 50, 75, 100, 150, and 250
C18, C8, Phenyl-Hexyl, PFP, ES-CN, Penta-HILIC, and HILIC

Note: Not all combinations of column ID, length and phase are currently available.


HALO and Fused-Core are registered trademarks of Advanced Materials Technology, Inc

PEEK™-Lined Stainless Steel Tubing




Biotech AB produly announces the new PEEK Lined Stainless Steel (PLS) Tubing from IDEX Health and Science, for biocompatible UHPLC applications. The tubing combines the strength of industry-standard 316 Stainless Steel with the chemical inertness of PEEK polymer to enable more efficient bio-separations at pressures up to 15,000 psi (1,034 bar).

Wide Assortment of ID:s Available

At the heart of PLS Tubing is specially-extruded Upchurch Scientific® PEEK tubing in a wide assortment of inner diameters, ranging from 25 μm ID to 254 μm ID.

Designed to Work with VHP Fittings.

PLS Tubing achieves its maximum performance of 15,000 psi (1,034 bar) when used with Upchurch Scientific VHP Fittings. The standard configuration of this tubing automatically pairs a length of tubing with two VHP-325 fittings, which allow repeat connections at UHPLC pressures. (PLS Tubing is also available without fittings to allow the tubing to be paired with different polymer-based fittings; however, the use of other fittings may reduce the overall performance capabilities of PLS Tubing. Please contact us for more information and guidelines on proper use of the tubing.

Available in a Variety of Lengths

To accommodate the various connections that are required in the “high pressure” zone of today’s UHPLC systems, PLS Tubing will be available in a number of “off-the-shelf” lengths. (Custom lengths of PLS Tubing are also available, contact us for more information.)

Strong Yet Flexible

The unique design features of PLS Tubing allow it to be bent into shapes that may be required by the system equipment, including angled bends and even sample loops for the injection valve, all with no loss of performance. Even in a bent shape, the PEEK lining maintains its integrity along the entire length.

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Fluidic connections made easy

We are pleased to announce the new One-Piece Super Flangeless™ Fitting system!

This Fitting system consists of only a single component, which has a couple of advantages.

  • There is no risk of twisting the tubing when screwing in the fitting.
  • The One-Piece Super Flangeless™ Fitting is detachable from the tubing itself which its predecessor is not.