New Biocompatible PEEK-Lined Stainless steel Column Hardware


IDEX Health & Science introduces the new PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel (PLS) Column Hardware for biocompatible applications. The PLS column hardware combines the strength of our stainless steel UHPLC column (IsoBar) with the chemical inertness of PEEK polymer to ensure the integrity of biological samples by minimizing unwanted surface interactions while also allowing operation under harsh solvent or pH conditions. This hardware has been designed for demanding applications within the UHPLC realm.

Available in a Variety of Lengths
The PLS column is available in a variety of standard lengths to accommodate various application requirements. Each column hardware design contains removable frits in Titanium and PEEK options. For custom lengths please contact us for more information.

Application Note 1: Comparison of Phosphoprotein Sample Recovery Between a PLS Column and a Stainless Steel Column Smaller column ID’s (2.1 mm) were packed with 2.6 μm media to study the separation of phosphoprotein and the relative recovery of a phosphoprotein in mixture. A comparison was made between our new PLS column and a conventional SST column, both of which were packed and tested under identical conditions. For these particular proteins, and under our experimental conditions, the PLS column with PEEK frits resulted in a significantly improved peak height. No pre-conditioning was required of the surfaces to achieve the improvement in protein throughput.

PLS Column PDF