Now we are Biotech Fluidics AB

Our official name is now Biotech Fluidics AB (previous official name “Biotech i Kungsbacka AB”).This has been done to better reflect our business and our domain name You will soon see the new name on our quotes, orders and invoices etc. Nothing else has changed! The VAT number remains the same, as well as our address and all our … Read More

Biotech Micro Flow Meter           nl/min – 80µl/min

Optimized to operate over the 100nl to 80 µL/minute flow range, with an unmatched high resolution of 1nl / minute, the Micro Flow Meter is the perfect tool for continuous monitoring the consistency of UHPLC, LC/MS, high precision flow cytometry and micro- / nanoscale fluidics applications. The Micro Flow Meter is compatible with almost any solvent and being non-invasive guarantees … Read More

Enhancing SPR instrument performance

Biotech Fluidics AB reports that it is supplying key microfluidic and degassing components to BioNavis Oy (Tampere, Finland) for its range of Multi-Parametric Surface Plasmon Resonance (MP-SPR) instruments. Surface Plasmon Resonance is the ‘go to’ technique for the measurement of molecular interactions in fluidics including serum, saliva, and organic solvents. SPR technology beneficially allows evaluation of affinity and kinetics of … Read More


The toughest degasser Biotech Fluidics has recently launched a new model of inline degassers, designed for full compatibility with the toughest solvents. We named it DEGASi® HFIP since it can withstand the highly aggressive solvent hexafluoro isopropanol (HFIP) that is used in liquid chromatography separations of certain polymers and peptides that are difficult to dissolve otherwise. The DEGASi® HFIP inline … Read More

Degassers for your ÄKTA system

Equipment for preparative purification of tagged and untagged proteins, including the ÄKTA series of liquid chromatography systems from Cytiva Life Sciences, are frequently used in settings ranging from scientific research laboratories to production plants. With these systems, it is possible to perform a variety of chromatographic separation modes including affinity, size exclusion, gel filtration, hydrophobic interaction, reversed phase, and ion … Read More

Tubing kits for dissolution testing

Did you know that Biotech Fluidics custom manufacture tubing kits for dissolution testing equipment and for other purposes? In pharmaceutical dissolution testing, the solution into which the medication is gradually dissolved, is sampled repeatedly over a certain time period at standardised conditions, to determine the rate of release of an active ingredient. Instruments for these tests are typically designed to … Read More

Integrate your degasser

Biotech Fluidics has recently launched a new series of DEGASi® inline degassers, designed for integration into analytical or production instrument assemblies. The new degassers are featured with an electronic validation output signal that corresponds to the level of vacuum within the degasser (5 mV/mmHg). This quality allows your instrument software to continuously monitor the degasser performance and present that to … Read More

Biotech Solvent Line Monitor

The new Solvent Line Monitor from Biotech Fluidics is a small stand-alone device that efficiently detects bubbles in solvent flow lines and then send electronic trigger signals or activate acoustic alarms. This clever monitor can safeguard your laboratory against running out of solvent in critical applications, thus avoiding faulty analysis results, system downtime, or even extensive equipment maintenance. The device … Read More

Welcome to Pittcon 2023

Please stop by to visit us at Booth 2722 to see samples of:  The new REFRACTi™ MASTER RI detector, perfect for determination of compounds with low UV absorbance. Biotech Liquid Flow Meter, a new Flow Meter which enables continuous measurement of flow rate, without interference in fluidic systems. The Biotech DEGASi® Plus series, our online degassers that ensures efficient degasification … Read More


REFRACTi™ MASTER update The new REFRACTi™ MASTER RI detector from Biotech Fluidics excels in every aspect, and it is perfect for determination of compounds with low UV absorbance including simple sugars, complex carbohydrates, alcohols, fatty acids, and polymers. With a 4.3” touch panel, intuitive user interface and features as extended temperature range up to 80 °C, this is a refractive … Read More